Spring 2020  Physics 121

Common Exam 2/3  Review Materials

Exam Coverage:

    Lectures 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and associated reading, HW's, etc.

       Includes: Potential



                        DC Circuits through Kirchhoff RUles

                        Multi-loop & RC Circuits

                        Force on Charges & Currents in Magnetic Field     

                        Charges and Currents as sources of Magnetic Fields
                        Ampere's Law      


       See page 4 of syllabus for text sections


Exam Time and Place:


     Monday, April 13 04:15 to 05:45 PM.

     Administered on-line (details to follow)


         Review Sessions (Physics Department):

              On-line, dates and times to be announced


         Review materials (see also common Exam 2 review)


Review session agenda


 The formula sheet that will be at the end of the exam booklet
(page 2 formulas on induction and AC circuits are not on this exam)

Sample exam #5 for common 3 - use for SPS review

Solution of above

Sample exam #4 for common 3 - use for Janow's Thursday review)

Solution of above

Sample exam (#3) for common 3
Skip Problems 13 (too long), 17 - 20, and 22 - 24  (on Faraday's Law)

Solution of above

Sample exam #2 for common 3 (Spring 2013)

Solution of above

 Sample exam #1 for common 3 (solved)
Problems 18 - 20 (Faraday's Law) are not on this exam

Notes with solved exam problems III
(Multi-loop, RC, Magnetic fields - Sections 8,9,10,11)


Notes with solved exam problems on Time dependent circuits
(Section 1 on RC Circuits only)



Janow's Lectures 8 - 10

Practice Problem sets 8 - 10 (Old HW Solutions)

Spring 2013 Solved Homework Sets - see HW08, HW09, HW10 (Serway/WebAssign)


One page Phys 121 lecture summaries (quick review)