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About Me

My name is Julio Torres, I am currently studying Information Technology at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. I believe that I am knowledgeable and quite beneficial in my field of study. I have always been competitive but also a team player, so that being said you have an idea of my work ethic. I easily take up anything knew with open arms, whether it may be learning a new programming language or learning a new sport.

My Resume

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New Jersey Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Science, Information Technology, Minor Computer Science

Computer Skills

Operating Systems:
Windows Vista/7/8/10, Linux

Programming​ Languages:
​C++, C#, Java, C

Scripting​ ​Languages:
PHP, Python, Bash, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Database ​Languages:

Git, Apache2, Cron, Trello, Visual Studio


Front​ ​End,​ ​Back​ ​End​ ​Developer​ ​-​ ​NJIT​ ​Capstone​ ​Project:
Sponsor - Net@Work
Project involved creating a cloud based ticketing system for Net@Work clients. The project was created using Visual Studio. Frontend using Aspx pages and C# for backend. I was responsible for developing a reports page dashboard containing analytical data from the back end databases to a user friendly interface. Retrieving the data from Azure and Changepoint to display on the page numerically and graphically using Chart.js.
- The final project won 2nd place at the Capstone Showcase.

Front​ ​End,​ ​Back​ ​End​ ​Developer​ ​-​ ​NJIT​ ​Systems​ ​Integration​ ​Project​ ​-​ ​Fall​ ​2017:
Project involved integrating a third party data source of stocks from Alpha Vantage with a custom front end through a multiple server environment. I was responsible for Frontend and Backend development, setting up the [Frontend | Backend | DMZ] server and implementing the [third party api | messaging layer | web based front end | DNS | distributed Logger]
- Programmed Frontend in HTML, Javascript, Bootstrap and CSS creating 5 views on project
- Integrated Backend Apache with RabbitMQ messaging queue.

Work Experience

New Jersey Institute of Technology Department of Informatics, Office Assistant
September 2013 – Present

Oceanaire Seafood Room, Waiter Assistant
November 2015 – June 2017

Key Courses

New Jersey Institute of Technology:
Programming Language Concepts, Computer Systems Security, Internet and Web Applications, Shell Scripting for System Administrators, Internet Applications, Professional Development in Computing, Database Design Management, Building Web Applications

Contact Me

Feel free to email me with any open opportunities, I am always growing professionally.

jat43@njit.edu | torres.julio95@gmail.com