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Hello there! My name is Jessy, and I am an IT major that would like to specialize in network security. Some of my personal interests include sports, photography, and the arts. One sport that I am very interested in is badminton, which I have been playing from a very young age. So needless to say, it is a sport that is very close to my heart. Archery is another one of my hobbies that I have been into ever since freshman year of highschool. In addition to these, I also love to play baseball, and softball.

Besides sports two of my other hobbies include photography, and the arts. I started to take a liking to photography after seeing pictures taken by Elena Shumilova( Elena Shumilova Photography), a Russian mother who takes beautiful pictures of her children and the animals on her farm to capture the wonderful moments of their childhood. Thus, she became a very influential person in my life, and inspired me to take pictures of my own. Some arts that I love include: ceramics, drawing, painting, and architecture.