The complex-valued continuous wavelet transform as a
preprocessor for auditory scene analysis

by L. Solbach, R. Wöhrmann and J. Kliewer

In H. Okuno and D. Rosenthal (editors):
Readings in Computational  Auditory Scene Analysis, Erlbaum Publishers, 1998,
ISBN 0-8058-2283-6.


In this chapter we draw links between the widely used gammatone
filter auditory model and wavelet theory. From the viewpoint of
wavelet theory the benefit from linking these research fields is a fast
method for the computation of a time-scale representation. From
the viewpoint of auditory filtering the benefits are the existence of
methods for the detection of signal singularities and for resynthesis.
Our methods has proved to be useful for the analysis of music pieces
with a limited spectral overlap of the different signal components.
It has been implemented for further research in automated music
transcription and auditory source separation, but might also be of
interest for sound synthesis systems based on the analysis and
transformation of acoustic signals.