Hello there! My name is Joseph Atta, and welcome to my official NJIT website! I am currently an IT major at NJIT, and I'm hoping that I not only understand both basic and advanced topics in the field of information technology, but also specialize in video game development through the IT course, as well! Ever since childhood, I've been a huge fan of video games, playing games in a variety of genres. I've always dreamed of making my own video game, something that everyone can truly enjoy while also bursting with style and charm. I'm hoping that through the IT path, I can make this dream a reality.

I will admit, adjusting to college for the first time has been quite interesting. I came to NJIT from a preparatory high school, so I was more or less prepared for the leap in skill level between high school and college. I suppose that's why I've been able to get through my semesters without much stress. Everything feels familiar to me in its own special way, so it's hard for me to feel fear when, for example, I'd tasked with completing large amounts of homework before a given date. That's mainly because I've grown accustomed to that sort of environment in the past. I'm expecting my college career to get even harder than it already is, so I'll be preparing myself accordingly.

If you'd like to design a website like this using HTML, visit the link below! This website taught me the basics of using HTML and even let me test out my HTML files before publishing them as websites like this! You'll get to learn about the basic formatting of HTML as well as more specific topics like tags and their various functions! It isn't a bad site to use for quick help!

HTML Web Tutorials

This website will look a lot prettier very soon, so look forward to it!