Welcome to my Homepage

Hello, everyone! Welcome to my site. My name is Jazmine Sadé Arrington and I am an African American female. I am currently a sophomore at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. My major is Information Technology with a minor is Computer Science. I want to go into the field of Network and Cyber Security and plan to earn my Master's Degree in IT Administration and Security. I chose my major because, being a millenial, technology has always been a part of my life and has always intrigued me.

I was born in Harlem, NY and now reside in Piscataway, NY where I have been since I was 5. I am pansexual, which means that I choose to fall in love with any person based primarily on their personality. My goal in life is to work for Google, Inc. or any other big tech-centered company.

My family is full of music lovers, so naturally I am a huge fan of many different genres of music. My favorite genres include Pop, R&B, and Punk Rock. My favorite band is Pentatonix (PTX). I can't choose a favorite song since my music taste changes every day, however, I can say confidently that I do not NOT enjoy country music.