About K2MFF

Welcome to the K2MFF official web site. We are glad you stopped by! K2MFF is an NJIT club that has been around since 1928. Our main focus is to promote the further use and knowledge of Ham Radio and provide public service. Please feel free to listen and talk on our repeater. There is always someone on, just so long as we don't have class. You can also contact us at k2mff@njit.edu or give us a call at (973) 596-3505. See you on the Bands.

About HAM Radio
Getting started in ham radio has never been easier! We invite you to explore the following information and learn about Amateur Radio. We know you'll enjoy this fascinating world of Amateur Radio, and we hope to have the chance of meeting you on the air--when you become an Amateur Radio operator!

Some of our Equipment includes:
Yaesu FT-950
Icom IC-208H
Icom IC-271A
Kenwood TS-830S
Kenwood TS-430S
BTI LK-2000 HF Amplifier

HAM Radio Practice Tests

QRZ is a free resource for the aspiring HAM Operator, its resources range from a callsign database to updated practice exams.

Latest HAM Radio News

Get Your License

The Laurel VEC administers free tests and are certified by the FCC. The next testing session at NJIT will be on Febuary 19, 2020 at 2:30pm in Room 413 Faculty Hall