Essay 1

Mathematical logic provides the foundation for the number system and for the laws of science. It also pervades other disciplines such as law, medicine, anthropology, etc. Furthermore mathematical logic is the language of computers. We have also seen that all complex logical statements fit neatly into boxes (n-dimensional cubes).

The neat and orderly procedures that make up the study of logic appear quite apart from the complexity and messiness that we experience in our day-to-day lives and the wondrous variability of the natural world. Are the laws of logic man-made and only relevant to our fabricated environments or is it all pervasive and applicable at all levels of inquiry in both the exterior landscapes of the natural world and the interior landscapes of our minds?

Write a two page essay on the importance of logic in your work as a computer scientist, mathematician, or engineer. Comment on its universality or limitations as you see it. Try to be as specific as you can in terms of what you have learned about this subject within the first three weeks of this semester. If possible, use an example of a problem using logic or a logic circuit from your computer science or math studies.