Week 1 

pg. 14/13,14,17,19,21a

Hand in pg. 17/5  Be sure to write down the given information and what the problem asks you to find like the model problem on page 11.

For next Tuesday, Read Ch 2/ 21-36,

For next Thursday read Ch 3/46-49

Week 2


For Tuesday  Read chapter 2 and do Ch 2/ problems 1,2,3 and 4


Please do page 34/prob. 5 /Fig 2 and 3 (hand in)

pg 35/6 (do not hand in)

Read Ch 3   pg 46-53


Read Chapter 3  pg 50-56

Chapter 3 page 51/ problem 1c,d  (hand in)

pg 59/3-8, 10-15, 17,22

Download and \Read Chapter 4

Week 3


page 69/1-9*, 11,12,14*,15, 16,18   (hand in starred problems)

Do problem 2 on page 26.  You will notice that for very small values of h approaching zero this determines the instantaneous or actual rate of change.  For the functions in problem 2 can you find what the instantaneous rate of change will be at a typical value of x by computing (f(x+h) - f(x))/h  as h approaches 0?   Hand in your results for extra credit. 

Download Chapter 5


Do problem 1 on page 76  (hand in)

Do page 80-81 (handouts)  / 1,2,3,4,5*,7* (count boxes to get over and under-estimates),10 *(use  T(5))

* means hand in.


Read Chapter 5 and do

For the function  f(x) = 2x2   .   Compute the average rate of change over the intervals  [1,3],  [1,2},  [1,1/2], {1, 1/4]   Then use Eq. 2 on page 66 to find the actual or instantaneous rate of change by letting h approach 0.  (hand in)

pg 81/14 (page 81 says 241 on top) 

pg 82/  9* get over and underestimate of the area by counting boxes.,  14* (check your answer if you can find integrals on your calculator)

download Chapter 6

Week 4


Download chapters 6 and 7 for Thurs

Problems 1-5  Hand in as many of these problems in as you are able to do based on today's lesson

Week 5


Download Chapter 7 and read it

Do Problem 1 on page 111 (hand in)

For extra credit try to do problem 2

If you have not already done Problems 11 and 12 in Chapter 6 do it for extra credit


Do Problem 4 on page 112  (hand in )

Download chapter 8


My apologies about Chapter 8.  You can now download it.

Read Chapter 8

Page 112 problem 3 (hand in)

.  Try doing Problem 5 on the cantilever (hand in for extra credit)

Try doing Page 127  problem 1 .  If you are successful, you can hand it in for extra credit

On next Tuesday, I will come to our regular classroom at 10:45 to answer any of your questions about  calculus and structures.  I will try to find an empty room and post the room number on the door

Week 6

Try your hand at problem 1 on page 127 without looking at the solution on page 130.  Then read the solution carefully.

Now try to use what you have learned from Problem 1 to do problem 2

Read chapter 8 particularly Section 8.6 on center of gravity.

Download Chapters 9 and 10.


No homework.  Study for exam which covers:  lines - word problems,  trip to the lake, area under a curve,  rate of change, sketching functions including completing the square, beam problem with a discrete load. 

There will be a review session from 9 - 10 tomorrow in our regular room.

Week 7


On the handout which can also be found on page 167 of Chapter 10 do/  1-5, 11,12, 17, and 19.

Download Chapter 11


Based on what you have learned so far you should be able to do all the problems on the antiderivate handout except:  problems/46, 49,51,54,55,65,66,67,68  You should make sure that you can do all the other problems

I spoke about logarithms today in class.  Read 23-26 to read about inverse functions.  Do problem 1 on page 26.

Solve for x:   3x = 7,   ln x = 5,  e2x = 9  (hand in)

I will come to Room 105 K on Tuesday at 10:15 to talk about continuous beam problems and snwer any questions you have about derivatives and antiderivatves.

Week 8

Find the center of gravity of a cardboard pentagon by the two methods that I discussed in class today (hand in)

Do all of the antiderivatives on the handout page. 


choose derivatives from the handout page to evaluate.  Come to class with any questions.  Note: There are some derivatives on this page that you cannot do yet.

download Chapters 15,16, 18 and read chapters 15 and 16.

I will come to class tomorrow bat 9:30 to discuss beams or anything else.  Ithink 105K is open.  If not I will leave a note on our door


Read Chapter 18 and try husing the new calculus method to solve Chapter 7, problem 1 and Chapter 8, problem 1.  If you succeed hand it in for extra credit

Download Chapters 11 and 12.  We will coverthese chapters next week.

I will come to Room 105 at 10:45 on Tuesday to discuss beams

We will have Exam 2 on Thursday Nov. 12

Week 9

Use the calculus method to solve for the bending moment for problem 2 in chapter 8 (page 127)   hand in for extra credit


Find the bending moment for the beam problem stated in class today11/5.  Sketch graphs of V and M (hand in)

Read Chapter 11 and do problem 1 on  page 179

Review class tomorrow at 9:30 in Room 105


I placed two beam problems on the blackboard today.  Please do them to hand in next Tuesday.  Find V and then find M by the calculus method.  Graph your results.  You must do the first problem.  The cantilever problem is  extra credit.

Make sure that you have downloaded Chapters 12 and 13.

Do Page 179 problems 2 and 3 (hand in)

I will come to Room 105 on Tuesday at 10:45 to talk about beam problems if you are having problems.185

Week 10

Do the two beam problems that I stated in class today.  They will both be for extra credit.

Do page 179 problem/3,4,5

Do Chapter 12 page 185   problem 1/a,b,c


Read Chapter 12

Do Chapter 12  page  190 problems 1 and 2 (Use my tec I hnique of Entry phase, attack phase, review phase in your problem solvingay

Do the beam problem that I gave you to in  class and try again to do the cantilever problem

Hand in solutions if you are successful.

Reminder:  Exam 2 is next Thursday.  It will have a beam problem,  derivatives (including the chain rule) and antiderivatives, integrals, curve sketching, max-min including a word problem


Do problems 2 and 5 in Chapter 12 page 190

Sketch:  y = x^4 - 2 x^2

Find the absolute max and min of:  a):   f(x) = -x^4 + 4x^3 - 4x + 1  ,  [-3/4 , 3]   ;  b) f(x) = 2 + 2x + 3x^2/3,   [-1, 10/3]

Do the beam problem that I stated in class yesterday.

Week 12

Download Chapters 13 and 19

Read Chapter 19 particularly Section 19.4

Do Chapter 13, page 205 problems:  11, 14, 34, 37, 58, 59, 18, 36   whenever possible find the critical points  (hand in)

 Do Chapter 13 page 206 problems:   5, 8, 22, 23, 27   (hand in)          


Download Chapter 14 (Note:  There will be some changes and you will have to download it again next week)

Do Chapter 14/ problems 4 (the one with the circle and the square), 5, and 6  If you can do them hand in for extra credit

Do chapter 13, page 205// 33 (find the critical point), 57

Do chapter 13 page 206/ 12, 28, 36

Choose any beam problem that we have done and try to do it again by the calculus method

For the beam that we saw in class where the density was 200 lb/ft across a 16 ft. beam with reaction forces equal to 1600 lb., use the calculus method to find the maximum bending moment at x = 8.

IMPORTANT:  Next Tuesday is a Thursday schedule so we meet at 1 PM,  next Wed. is a Friday schedule so we meet at 10 AM

Week 14

Chapter 21 on the center of gravity is now on the web.  However, I will place a slightly edited version of Ch 21 tomorrow.

Based on today's lecture which is also in Chapter 21 compute the center of gravity for the following densities:

     a) density = k x^3;    b ) density = k x^2

Do as many of the assigned max-min problems from Chapter 14 that you can do and hand them in on Thursday.

Do as many of the assigned rate of change problems in the hand-out that you can do and hand them in on Friday