Krishna Khamar

About Me

Welcome to my website! My name is Krishna and this is a website I have created for my IT101 class. I graduated from JPS high school in 2014. My first year of college I went to Montclair State University. I entered Montclair State University as a undeclared student. I was unsure what I wanted to major in. Then I decided to major in computer science. However, my friends suggested I do IT instead so I decided to major in Information technology. Therefore, I decided to transfer to NJIT since I wanted to major in IT.

I have taken a webpage programming class in high school and I really enjoyed it. I made a few webpages in that class and worked with Photoshop. We learned about html and created few websites. We learned the basics of making a website. I am also taking a Python class and I also have taken a Java programming class. However the class that I have most enjoyed so far is the Web Page programming class. I hope to take more classes like that in NJIT.


This is a beautiful picture of aurora lights!