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A little about me...

Hello, world! My name, in case you haven't noticed yet, is Kenny. I am 21 years old at the time of making this website and I couldn't be more excited. I'm into network security but I think I might get into designing webpages. This webpage, albeit very basic, is helping me get my feet wet so I'm thankful for this homework assignment. It is November so it's just tradition to be extra thankful around this time, y'know? Some more about me... I really enjoy mango yogurt, and Batman is my favorite comic book hero, with The Flash being a close second.

I do not live on campus but my commute isn't too bad. I'm really into video games so that's what most of my free time during the weekdays is spent on. My favorite animal is a gray wolf. It should be noted that gray wolves are not always grey in color. My absolute favorite type of wolf is one with all-black fur. I tried teaching myself guitar but it didn't work out. So yeah, that's a little bit about me.

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