NJIT Physics Department Seminar


5/5/08, Monday


Biophysics using Raman Spectroscopy


Dr. Aysegul Ergin

Boston University


(Biophysics, Host: Thomas)


Room: 373 Tiernan

Time: Noon-1 pm with 11:30 am tea time



Raman spectroscopy is a technique that employs the scattering of a frequency-shifted optical signal. Although this phenomenon was first observed 80 years ago, in the last few decades with the development of modern instrumentation, the technique has found increased use in many medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and polymer companies.

In this talk, some examples of common confocal Raman applications in medical/pharmaceutical industries will be briefly discussed. In addition to that, the experiments and the results of a biophysics/biomedical engineering project from NJIT to develop a non-invasive, compact confocal Raman instrument to determine the glucose concentration in blood using the Raman spectrum from the aqueous humour of a personís eye will be summarized.