NJIT Physics Department Seminar


*** November 6, 2009, FRIDAY ***



Nonlinear Optical Tissue Imaging


Prof. Feruz Ganikhanov

West Virginia University


(Optics/Biophysics, Host: Thomas)


Time: Noon-1 pm with 11:30 am tea time

*** ROOM: 202 ECE ***




Applications of nonlinear optical techniques that help to characterize live tissue with 250 nm spatial resolution will be presented. In particular, recent results on multimodal nonlinear optical imaging of fascia, a rich collagen type-I sheath around internal organs and muscle will be discussed. I will also present results on axon imaging of the peripheral nervous system using combined c(3) microscopy techniques and most recent results on resolving sarcomere structures within the skeletal muscle using Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering microscopy. Issues related to complementary information that can be obtained using four different nonlinear optical techniques will be discussed along with currently pursued instrument designs and experimental solutions that will help to find applications of nonlinear optics in biology and medicine.