NJIT Physics Department Seminar


October 20th, 2014, Monday


Terahertz Wireless Communication: The Next Generation Wireless System


Prof. John F. Federici




Time: 11:45am-12:45pm with 11:30am tea time

Room: ECE 202



          According to Edholm’s law, the demand for point-to-point bandwidth in wireless short-range communications has doubled every 18 months over the last 25 years. During 2014, the aggregate demand for wireless data has exceeded the supply. What are the technical options to meet the ever increasing demand? In order to achieve >10 Gb/s data rates to meet demand, wireless carrier frequencies need to be increased from the microwave to millimeter and THz range. Some of the advantages of THz communications links are inherently higher bandwidth compared to millimeter wave links, less susceptibility to weather and scintillation effects than infrared wireless links, and the ability to use THz links for secure communications. An overview of next generation THz/mmW wireless communications will be presented including technical challenges and a performance characterization of of mmW/THz and infrared free-space communication links under the same weather conditions.