NJIT Physics Department Seminar


March 30th, Monday


How an NJIT Physics PhD Made the Transition to a High Tech Company


Dr. Sheng Liu

Polarization Solutions, Somerset, NJ

(Device Physics & Physics Career, Host: Thomas)


Time: 11:45am-12:45pm with 11:30am tea time

Room: ECE 202



          The speaker will address both students and professors with a discussion of his job search and the changes for him as his company was taken over and then taken over again.  He will describe his current research and development of new products, their place in the company and their likely place in the company’s survival.  He will explain how his experience at NJIT prepared him to do the technical and diplomatic things that permit his business survival.  In this context, he will lead us through the nano and micro fabrication methods he uses to fabricate devices for his company’s products.  These methods include patterning by gray scale mask technology, 1D & 2D holographic lithography and colloidal lithography.  The products include SERS (surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy) devices, a DNA detector device and micro fluidic device. To test that the devices work properly, the methods include optical properties, reproducibility and uniformity.   The speaker will explain the simple physics behind these fabrication and testing methods.


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