NJIT Physics Department Seminar


December 15, Thursday (*SPECIAL DAY*)


Topological Materials:

The Story behind the 2016 Physics Nobel Prize


Prof. Emil Prodan

Physics Department, Yeshiva University

(Condensed Matter & Biophysics, Host: Thomas)


*TALK*: Tiernan 409, 11:30am - 12:30pm



*LUNCH*: Tiernan 406, 12:30pm - 4pm



Topology is a branch of mathematics which classifies objects and spaces by the way they can continuously deform into each other. Its principles can be applied to the quantum states of the electron and such ideas were pioneered in condensed matter physics by Duncan Haldane, this year's Nobel laureate. These days, the topological principles drive the discovery in materials science and new classes of materials were discovered almost every year in the past decade. Examples are: quantum spin-Hall insulators, 3D topological insulators, crystalline topological insulators, point group topological insulators, anomalous quantum Hall insulators, Weyl and Dirac semi-metals, topological photonic and acoustic crystals, topological quasicrystals, topological amorphous materials. The common feature of all these crystals is the emergence of robust wave-channels along any surface cut into the crystals. These channels cannot be destroyed by any surface-treatment and the waves propagates without dissipation. In this talk I will introduce the topological principles and then discuss the foundational works of Haldane. For the remaining part, I will present the theoretical and experimental status quo for each of the topological classes.