Joint Physics Dept-MtSE Seminar



February 13th, Wednesday (*SPECIAL DAY*)



Advanced Manufacturing of 3D Biomedical Devices



Dr. Daeha Joung

Dept. of Mechanical Eng., U. of Minnesota

(Experimental Condensed Matter/Materials Physics,

Host: Federici)



*SPECIAL TIME: 2:45pm-3:45pm with 2:30pm teatime

*SPECIAL ROOM: Tiernan 408



Biological structures ranging in size from molecules to organelles, cells, organs, tissues, and the human body are exquisitely structured in three-dimensions (3D). In order to mimic, sense, or to interface functional devices with biological ones, there is a need to create 3D, artificially structured materials or 3D, heterogeneously integrated, functional devices (from nano- to macro- scales). Existing conventional fabrication/assembly technologies have facilitated the representation of 2D networks of interface-active devices or platform with biology, but the technology is impeded in its application to complex 3D geometries that require hierarchical precision and multi-material heterogeneity. The solutions generally require fundamental, conceptual advances in materials science and engineering. Our approach is to use 3D printing and origami-inspired self-folding, which are advanced manufacturing technologies that permit the manufacturing of complex multi-(bio)material, multi-scale, and/or multi-functional 3D devices. In this talk, I will discuss our recent progress in 3D advanced functional devices for diverse applications in Neural Regeneration Devices, and 3D Biomedical Devices and Sensors, opening new opportunities to test therapeutic options.