Joint Physics Dept-MtSE Seminar



February 27th, Wednesday (*SPECIAL DAY*)



Strong Quantum Fluctuations in a New Quantum Spin Liquid Candidate



Dr. Ruidan Zhong

Dept. of Chemistry, Princeton University

(Experimental Condensed Matter/Materials Physics,

Host: Tyson)



*SPECIAL TIME: 2:45pm-3:45pm with 2:30pm teatime

*SPECIAL ROOM: Tiernan 408



Currently under active study in condensed matter physics both theoretically and experimentally are quantum spin liquid (QSL) states, in which no long-range magnetic ordering appears at low temperatures due to strong quantum fluctuations of the magnetic moments. A comprehensive introduction and review to this field will be given. However, the existing QSL candidate materials all have their intrinsic disadvantages which lead to some contradictory experimental observations. Even though many studies have been conducted to understand this exotic quantum state, solid evidence for quantum fluctuations is scarce. Here we propose a newly discovered material with strong evidence for quantum fluctuations.  Our experimental characterizations reveal that this new material appears to be the experimental realization of a quantum spin liquid ground state.