Physics Dept Seminar


November 11, FRIDAY (*SPECIAL DAY*)


Predicting Robust Emergent Function in Active Networks


Prof. Evelyn Tang

Rice University

(Biological/Materials Physics, Host: Prodan)


Time: 11:45 am - 12:45 pm with 11:30 am teatime

Room: ECE 202


Living and active systems exhibit various emergent dynamics necessary for system regulation, growth, and motility. However, how robust dynamics arises from stochastic components remains unclear. Towards understanding this, I develop topological theories that support robust edge states, effectively reducing the system dynamics to a lower-dimensional subspace. In particular, I will introduce stochastic networks in molecular configuration space that can model different systems from a circadian clock to the stochastic dynamics of cytoskeletal filaments. These out-of-equilibrium systems further possess uniquely non-Hermitian features such as exceptional points and vorticity. More broadly, my work provides a blueprint for the design and control of novel and robust function in correlated and active systems.