Physics Dept. Seminar



April 4, Monday



Numerical Modeling of Particle Acceleration and Emissions during Solar Eruptions in the Imaging Spectroscopy Era



Dr. Fan Guo

Los Alamos National Laboratory

(Solar & Terrestrial Physics, Host: Bin Chen)


Room: ECE 202

**TIME: 11:40am 12:40pm, door opening at 11:30am


Nonthermal particle acceleration and emissions are well known as the signature features of solar eruptions. Multi-wavelength imaging spectroscopy of thermal and nonthermal emissions from solar flares has provided unprecedented opportunities to study electron energization in detail. We introduce a framework for studying nonthermal acceleration, transport, and radiation by combining magnetohydrodynamic simulations, particle transport, and radiation models. Although preliminary, our first results have shown a great potential for understanding the roles of flare configuration, magnetic reconnection and shocks in energetic electron production and distributions. Future development will include a series of realistic effects important to solar flares and gain insights by closely comparing the integrated model with multi-wavelength observations.