Joint Physics Dept.–Inst. for Space Weather Science Colloquium




March 9, Thursday (** SPECIAL DAY**)




Coronal Jets, Their Impact on the Heliosphere, and How to Catch Them with Citizen Science




Dr. Sophie Musset, European Space Agency

(Solar Physics, Host: Haimin Wang)


**SPECIAL TIME: 1:15pm – 2:15pm with 1pm teatime

Room: ECE 202


Solar eruptive events produce energetic particles that fill the heliosphere, interact with planetary atmospheres and magnetosphere, and participate to space weather. Solar coronal jets are small ejections of plasma which have been observed in many regions of the solar atmosphere, with various shapes and sizes. They follow magnetic field lines that connect the solar corona to the heliosphere, and therefore could play a role in injecting energetic and plasma from the solar corona to the interplanetary medium. I will review what we currently know about the impact of coronal jets on the heliosphere, and present the “Solar Jet Hunter” citizen science project, launched one year ago, to catalogue jets observed in extreme ultraviolet images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.