Two graduate RA positions in Atmospheric Chemistry
New Jersey Institute of Technology


The Khalizov group has two RA openings, beginning in fall 2016. The first position is to investigate the relationship between morphology and optical properties of atmospheric soot aggregates. The second position focuses on gas-phase and heterogeneous reaction mechanisms involving atmospheric mercury.


Highly motivated applicants with strong experimental background are invited to apply. A suitable research/education background for the soot project could be atmospheric science, physical chemistry, physics, or engineering. A suitable background for the mercury project is physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, or chemical engineering. Depending on the background and future interests, the applicants may apply to either Environmental Science or Chemistry graduate programs in the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science. The research in Khalizov’s group involves experimentation using state-of-art aerosol and mass spectrometry instrumentation developed in the lab. For both positions, the knowledge of a programing language such as LabVIEW or MATLAB is a plus.


The soot project will involve the application of advanced aerosol techniques for characterization of the particle size, mass, composition, morphology, and light absorption and scattering. Aerosol microphysics and optical calculations will be used along with experimental measurements. The project will involve extensive collaborations with researchers at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL), University of North Alabama (UNA), and Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST).


The mercury project will expose the applicant to modern experimental and theoretical techniques in atmospheric chemistry and physical chemistry, including gas-phase and heterogeneous kinetics in turbulent/laminar/aerosol flow reactors, chemical ionization mass spectrometry, kinetic calculations, and quantum chemical calculations. The project will involve collaborations with researchers at Environment Canada and NUIST.


Please email Dr. Khalizov ( your CV, undergraduate/master transcripts, and a paragraph-long narrative explaining why you are interested in this research opportunity and how your current skills and knowledge can be applied.


Below is some information about the advisor, projects, and NJIT:


NJIT is a public research university that was established in 1885. The current enrollment is over 11,000 graduate and undergraduate students. One of four professional engineers in New Jersey holds a degree or graduate certificate from NJIT. Over the last two decades the school has been developing at a very quick pace. Current annual research expenditures exceed $110 million, a 47% increase over the last decade. The school has made more than 60 new faculty hires over the last three years and another 50 will be hired within the next two years. The Department of Chemistry and Environmental Science has hired 3 new faculty members recently and 2 new faculty members will join in fall 2016. The school is in close vicinity of New York City (a 20-minute commute by train).