A Companion to 20th Century American Poetry
(Facts on File, Inc., 2004)

Burt Kimmelman, Editor

Claiming an essay? Then please e-mail: kimmelman@njit.edu; use the subject line "Essays for Book."  If you are interested in writing for the Companion then please furnish a bio including publications if any (copy and paste into an e-mail).

List of Entries (see all three sections below - look for  unclaimed essays [IGNORE THE "ASSIGNED" TAGS--ALL UNCLAIMED ESSAYS ARE LISTED ABOVE]).


Ackerman, Diane  500 words  [assigned]
Adam, Helen  500 words   [assigned]
Ai  500 words                   [assigned]
Aiken, Conrad  1000 words    [assigned]
Alexie, Sherman 500 words    [assigned]
Algarin, Miguel  500 words    [assigned]
Ammons, A.R.  1000 words     [assigned]
Andrews, Bruce  500 words   [assigned]
Angelou, Maya  500 words   [assigned]
Antin, David  500 words  [assigned]
Armantrout, Rae  500 words  [assigned]
Ashbery, John  1500 words [assigned]
Atkins, Russell  500 words  [assigned]
Auden, W.H.  1000 words  [assigned]
Auster, Paul  500 words    [assigned]
Baca, Jimmy Santiago  500 words     [assigned]
Baraka, Imamu Amiri (Leroi Jones)  1500 words     [assigned]
Bell, Marvin 500 words    [assigned]
Benét, Stephen Vincent  500 words   [assigned]
Berkson, Bill  500 words     [assigned]
Bernard, April 500 words   [assigned]
Bernstein, Charles  500 words   [assigned]
Berrigan, Ted  500 words [assigned]
Berry, Wendell  500 words   [assigned]
Berryman, John  1000 words  [assigned]
Berssenbrugge, Mei-Mei 500 words [assigned]
Bidart, Frank  500 words       [assigned]
Bishop, Elizabeth  1500 words [assigned]
Blackburn, Paul  1000 words     [assigned]
Blackmur, R.P.  500 words  [assigned]
Blaser, Robin  1000 words  [assigned]
Bly, Robert  1000 words    [assigned]
Bogan, Louise  1000 words   [assigned]
Booth, Philip  1000 words    [assigned]
Bottoms, David  500 words [assigned]
Bowers, Edgar  500 words  [assigned]
Boyle, Kay  500 words   [assigned]
Brathwaite, Kamau 500 words       [assigned]
Brodsky, Joseph 500 words [assigned]
Bromige, David  500 words [assigned]
Bronk, William  1500 words [assigned]
Brooks, Gwendolyn  1500 words  [assigned]
Broumas, Olga  500 words  [assigned]
Brown, Sterling 500 words    [assigned]
Bukowski, Charles  500 words [assigned]
Burkard, Michael 500 words  [assigned]
Cage, John  500 words  [assigned]
Campo, Rafael  500 words [assigned]
Carruth, Hayden  1000 words  [assigned]
Carver, Raymond  500 words  [assigned]
Ceravolo, Joe  500 words    [assigned]
Cervantes, Lorna Dee 500 words     [assigned]
Ciardi, John  500 words   [assigned]
Clampitt, Amy  500 words    [assigned]
Clark, Tom  500 words     [assigned]
Clifton, Lucille  1000 words   [assigned]
Cofer, Judith Ortiz  500 words  [assigned]
Coleman, Wanda 500 words   [assigned]
Collins, Billy 500 words  [assigned]
Coolidge, Clark  500 words  [assigned]
Cordrescu, Andre 500 words  [assigned]
Corman, Cid 1000 words    [assigned]
Corn, Alfred  500 words [assigned]
Corso, Gregory  1000 words  [assigned]
Cortez, Jayne  500 words [assigned]
Crane, Hart  1500 words      [assigned]
Crapsey, Adelaide 500 words [assigned]
Creeley, Robert  1500 words [assigned]
Cruz, Victor Hernandez  500 words    [assigned]
Cullen, Countee  500 words    [assigned]
Cummings, E.E.  1500 words     [assigned]
Cunningham, J. V.  500 words [assigned]
Dahlen, Beverly  500 words    [assigned]
Davidson, Donald 500 words    [assigned]
Davidson, Michael  500 words     [assigned]
Dickey, James  1000 words   [assigned]
Digges, Deborah  500 words   [assigned]
di Prima, Diane  1000 words  [assigned]
Dobyns, Stephen  500 words  [assigned]
Dorn, Edward  1000 words      [assigned]
Doty, Mark  500 words [assigned]
Dove, Rita  1000 words      [assigned]
Dugan, Alan 500 words    [assigned]
Duhamel, Denise  500 words [assigned]
Duncan, Robert  1500 words [assigned]
Dunn, Stephen  500 words  [assigned]
DuPlessis, Rachel Blau 500 words    [assigned]
Eady, Cornelius  500 words  [assigned]
Eberhart, Richard  500 words  [assigned]
Economou, George  500 words  [assigned]
Edson, Russell  500 words   [assigned]
Eigner, Larry  500 words    [assigned]
Eliot, T.S.  1500 words    [assigned]
Enslin, Theodore 500 words   [assigned]
Eshleman, Clayton  500 words  [assigned]
Espada, Martin  500 words  [assigned]
Everson, William  500 words  [assigned]
Fearing, Kenneth  500 words    [assigned]
Feldman, Irving  500 words [assigned]
Ferlinghetti, Lawrence  1000 words  [assigned]
Finch, Annie  500 words    [assigned]
Finkel, Donald  500 words  [assigned]
Fletcher, John Gould  500 words  [assigned]
Forché, Carolyn  500 words [assigned]
Foster, Edward  500 words   [assigned]
Foster, Jeanne Robert  500 words    [assigned]
Fraser, Kathleen  500 words  [assigned]
Frost, Robert  1500 words   [assigned]
Fulton, Alice  500 words  [assigned]
Gallagher, Tess  500 words    [assigned]
Gilbert, Jack  500 words    [assigned]
Gilbert, Sandra  500 words  [assigned]
Ginsberg, Allen  1500 words  [assigned]
Gioia, Dana  500 words    [assigned]
Giovanni, Nikki  500 words   [assigned]
Glück, Louise  500 words    [assigned]
Goldbarth, Albert  500 words  [assigned]
Graham, Jorie  500 words [assigned]
Greger, Deborah  500 words     [assigned]
Gregg, Linda  500 words        [assigned]
Grenier, Robert   500 words       [assigned]
Grossman, Allen  500 words   [assigned]
Guest, Barbara  1000 words   [assigned]
Gunn, Thom  1000 words    [assigned]
Guthrie, Ramon  500 words     [assigned]
Hacker, Marilyn  500 words    [assigned]
H.D. (Hilda Doolittle)  1500 words       [assigned]
Hadas, Rachel  500 words     [assigned]
Hak Kyung Cha, Theresa  500 words   [assigned]
Hall, Donald  1000 words     [assigned]
Harjo, Joy  500 words      [assigned]
Harper, Michael  500 words  [assigned]
Harryman, Carla 500 words  [assigned]
Hass, Robert  1000 words  [assigned]
Hayden, Robert  1000 words   [assigned]
Hecht, Anthony  1000 words assigned]
Hejinian, Lyn  500 words   [assigned]
Heller, Michael 500 words    [assigned]
Hirsch, Edward  500 words   [assigned]
Hogan, Linda 500 words    [assigned]
Hollander, John  500 words    [assigned]
Holman, Bob  500 words     [assigned]
Hollo, Anselm 500 words   [assigned]
Howard, Richard  500 words   [assigned]
Howe, Fanny  500 words   [assigned]
Howe, Susan  1000 words  [assigned]
Hughes, Langston  1000 words   [assigned]
Hugo, Richard  1000 words   [assigned]
Ignatow, David  1000 words   [assigned]
Inez, Collette  500 words      [assigned]
Irby, Kenneth  500 words  [assigned]
Jarman, Mark  500 words  [assigned]
Jarrell, Randall  1000 words   [assigned]
Jeffers, Robinson  1000 words    [assigned]
Johnson, James Weldon  1000 words   [assigned]
Johnson, Ronald  500 words      [assigned]
Jordan, June  1000 words [assigned]
Justice, Donald  1000 words  [assigned]
Kaufman, Bob  500 words [assigned]
Kees, Weldon  500 words  [assigned]
Kelly, Robert  1000 words  [assigned]
Kennedy, X.J.  500 words     [assigned]
Kenyon, Jane  500 words  [assigned]
Kerouac, Jack  1000 words  [assigned]
Kinnell, Galway  1000 words   [assigned]
Kizer, Carolyn  1000 words [assigned]
Knight, Etheridge 500 words     [assigned]
Koch, Kenneth  1000 words     [assigned]
Kostelanetz, Richard 500 words  [assigned]
Komunyakaa, Yusef  500 words  [assigned]
Kumin, Maxine  1000 words [assigned]
Kunitz, Stanley  1000 words [assigned]
Kyger, Joanne  500 words     [assigned]
Lansing, Gerrit  500 words [assigned]
The Last Poets  500 words   [assigned]
Lauterbach, Ann  500 words   [assigned]
Lee, Li-Young  500 words   [assigned]
Lehman, David 500 words      [assigned]
Leithauser, Brad  500 words    [assigned]
Levertov, Denise  1500 words   [assigned]
Levine, Philip  1000 words   [assigned]
Lindsay, Vachel  500 words     [assigned]
Loewinsohn, Ron  500 words     [assigned]
Logan, John 500 words   [assigned]
Logan, William 500 words [assigned]
Lorde, Audre  500 words [assigned]
Lowell, Amy  500 words    [assigned]
Lowell, Robert  1500 words   [assigned]
Lowenfels, Walter  500 words  [assigned]
Loy, Mina  500 words    [assigned]
Lux, Thomas 500 words    [assigned]
Mac Low, Jackson  1000 words  [assigned]
Mackey, Nathaniel  500 words [assigned]
MacLeish, Archibald  500 words   [assigned]
Madhubuti, Haki (Don L. Lee)  500 words   [assigned]
Major, Clarence 500 words [assigned]
Mandelbaum, Allen 500 words [assigned]
Masters, Edgar Lee 500 words    [assigned]
Matthews, Harry  500 words  [assigned]
Matthews, William  500 words     [assigned]
Matthias, John  500 words  [assigned]
Mayer, Bernadette  500 words  [assigned]
McKay, Claude  500 words     [assigned]
McClatchy, J.D.  500 words  [assigned]
McClure, Michael  500 words  [assigned]
McDowell, Robert  500 words  [assigned]
McGrath, Thomas  1000 words  [assigned]
Meinke, Peter 500 words [assigned]
Meltzer, David  500 words  [assigned]
Menashe, Samuel  500 words  [assigned]
Merrill, James  1000 words  [assigned]
Merwin, W.S.  1000 words    [assigned]
Miles, Josephine  500 words    [assigned]
Millay, Edna St. Vincent  1000 words   [assigned]
Moore, Marianne  1500 words   [assigned]
Mora, Pat  500 words    [assigned]
Morley, Hilda 500 words    [assigned]
Moss, Howard  500 words [assigned]
Moss, Thylias  500 words      [assigned]
Mullen, Harryette  500 words   [assigned]
Muske, Carol  500 words  [assigned]
Myles, Eileen 500 words [assigned]
Nash, Ogden  500 words  [assigned]
Nemerov, Howard  500 words  [assigned]
Niedecker, Lorine  1000 words [assigned]
Notley, Alice  500 words [assigned]
Nye, Naomi Shihab  500 words [assigned]
O'Hara, Frank  1500 words    [assigned]
Olds, Sharon  500 words  [assigned]
Oliver, Mary  500 words     [assigned]
Olson, Charles  1500 words  [assigned]
Olson, Toby  500 words [assigned]
Oppen, George  1500 words [assigned]
Oppenheimer, Joel 1000 words [assigned]
Ortiz, Simon  500 words     [assigned]
Ostriker, Alicia 500 words [assigned]
Owen, Maureen 500 words    [assigned]
Owens, Rochelle 500 words  [assigned]
Padgett, Ron  500 words [assigned]
Palmer, Michael  500 words        [assigned]
Pastan, Linda  500 words  [assigned]
Patchen, Kenneth  500 words  [assigned]
Peacock, Molly  500 words   [assigned]
Perchik, Simon  500 words    [assigned]
Perelman, Bob 500 words  [assigned]
Peters, Robert 500 words    [assigned]
Piercy, Marge  500 words      [assigned]
Pinsky, Robert  1000 words    [assigned]
Piombino, Nick  500 words    [assigned]
Plath, Sylvia  1500 words    [assigned]
Plumly, Stanley  500 words    [assigned]
Ponsot, Marie 500 words   [assigned]
Pound, Ezra  1500 words   [assigned]
Purdy, Al  500 words   [assigned]
Rakosi, Carl  1000 words    [assigned]
Ransom, John Crowe  500 words   [assigned]
Reed, Ishmael  500 words  [assigned]
Retallack, Joan 500 words [assigned]
Revell, Donald  500 words  [assigned]
Rexroth, Kenneth  1000 words   [assigned]
Reznikoff, Charles  1000 words   [assigned]
Rich, Adrienne  1500 words   [assigned]
Riding (Jackson), Laura  500 words    [assigned]
Ríos, Alberto  500 words  [assigned]
Robinson, Edwin Arlington  1000 words  [assigned]
Robinson, Kit  500 words     [assigned]
Rodefer, Stephen  500 words    [assigned]
Roethke, Theodore  1000 words   [assigned]
Rogers, Pattiann  500 words     [assigned]
Rothenberg, Jerome  1000 words    [assigned]
Rudman, Mark 500 words     [assigned]
Rukeyser, Muriel  1000 words  [assigned]
Rutsala, Vern  500 words      [assigned]
Salter, Mary Jo  500 words    [assigned]
Samperi, Frank  500 words   [assigned]
Sanchez, Sonia  1000 words  [assigned]
Sandburg, Carl  1000 words   [assigned]
Sanders, Edward 500 words   [assigned]
Saner, Reg  500 words      [assigned]
Scalapino, Leslie  500 words    [assigned]
Schnackenberg, Gjertrud  500 words  [assigned]
Schuyler, James  500 words  [assigned]
Schwartz, Delmore  1000 words [assigned]
Schwerner, Armand  1000 words   [assigned]
Seidman, Hugh  500 words     [assigned]
Seth, Vikram  500 words   [assigned]
Sexton, Anne  1500 words   [assigned]
Shapiro, David 500 words       [assigned]
Shapiro, Harvey 500 words      [assigned]
Shapiro, Karl  500 words      [assigned]
Silko, Leslie Marmon 500 words    [assigned]
Silliman, Ron  500 words   [assigned]
Simic, Charles 500 words [assigned]
Simpson, Louis  1000 words  [assigned]
Smith, Dave  500 words  [assigned]
Smith, William Jay  500 words   [assigned]
Snodgrass, W.D.  500 words  [assigned]
Snyder, Gary  1000 words  [assigned]
Sobin, Gustaf  500 words [assigned]
Song, Cathy  500 words   [assigned]
Soto, Gary  500 words  [assigned]
Spicer, Jack  1000 words    [assigned]
St. John, David  500 words    [assigned]
Stafford, William  1000 words  [assigned]
Steele, Timothy  500 words   [assigned]
Stein, Gertrude  1000 words   [assigned]
Stern, Gerald  500 words [assigned]
Stevens, Wallace  1500 words  [assigned]
Stone, Ruth  500 words  [assigned]
Strand, Mark  500 words    [assigned]
Strickland, Stephanie 500 words    [assigned]
Swenson, May  500 words    [assigned]
Taggart, John  500 words   [assigned]
Tarn, Nathaniel  500 words   [assigned]
Tate, Allen  500 words  [assigned]
Tate, James  500 words  [assigned]
Teasdale, Sara  500 words     [assigned]
Thomas, Lorenzo  500 words   [assigned]
Tillinghast, Richard  500 words    [assigned]
Tolson, Melvin  1000 words [assigned]
Toomer, Jean  500 words    [assigned]
Updike, John  500 words      [assigned]
Valentine, Jean 500 words   [assigned]
van Duyn, Mona  500 words  [assigned]
Wagoner, David 500 words   [assigned]
Wakoski, Diane  500 words  [assigned]
Walcott, Derek 1000 words   [assigned]
Waldman, Anne  500 words     [assigned]
Waldrop, Keith 500 words          [assigned]
Waldrop, Rosmarie  500 words     [assigned]
Warren, Robert Penn  500 words     [assigned]
Warsh, Lewis 500 words   [assigned]
Waters, Michael  500 words [assigned]
Watten, Barrett  500 words     [assigned]
Welish, Marjorie  500 words   [assigned]
Whalen, Philip  500 words    [assigned]
Wheelwright, John  500 words [assigned]
Wieners, John  500 words   [assigned]
Wilbur, Richard  1000 words   [assigned]
Willard, Nancy  500 words  [assigned]
Williams, C. K. 500 words  [assigned]
Williams, Jonathan  500 words  [assigned]
Williams, William Carlos  1500 words   [assigned]
Winters, Yvor  500 words  [assigned]
Wright, C.D. 500 words [assigned]
Wright, Charles  500 words  [assigned]
Wright, James  1000 words [assigned]
Wright, Jay  500 words   [assigned]
ya Salaam, Kalamu  500 words    [assigned]
Yau, John  500 words [assigned]
Zinnes, Harriet  500 words   [assigned]
Zukofsky, Louis  1500 words  [assigned]

Singificant Poems

A (Zukofsky) 1,000 words    [assigned]
“After Lorca” (Spicer ) 500 words   [assigned]
The Alphabet (Silliman) 500 words    [assigned]
"April Inventory" (Snodgrass) 500 words   [assigned]
“Ariel” (Plath) 500 words     [assigned]
ARK (Johnson) 1,000 words     [assigned]
“The Armadillo” (Bishop) 500 words  [assigned]
Articulations of Sound Forms in Time (S. Howe) 1,000 words  [assigned]
“The Arts and Death: A Fugue for Sidney Cox” (Bronk) 500 words   [assigned]
“At the Well” (Blackburn) 500 words  [assigned]
“Bells for John Whiteside's Daughter” (Ransom) 500 words  [assigned]
“The Bean Eaters” (Brooks) 500 words    [assigned]
“Bialystok Stanzas”  (Heller) 500 words    [assigned]
“The Bus Trip” (Oppenheimer) 500 words    [assigned]
The Bridge (Crane)  1,000 words  [assigned]
“Burning the Small Dead” (Snyder) 500 words   [assigned]
“Cacti” (Oppenheimer) 500 words  [assigned]
The Cantos (Pound) 1,000 words  [assigned]
Chicago Poems (Sandburg)  500 words   [assigned]
The Changing Light at Sandover  (Merrill) 1,000 words  [assigned]
A Coney Island of the Mind (Ferlinghetti)  500 words  [assigned]
The Crystal Text (Coolidge) 1000 words       [assigned]
“Daddy” (Plath)   500 words      [assigned]
"The Day Lady Died" (O'Hara) 500 words      [assigned]
“The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner” (Jarrell) 500 words  [assigned]
“Design” (Frost)  500 words   [assigned]
Discrete Series  (Oppen) 1,000 words [assigned]
“Diving into the Wreck”  (Rich)  500 words   [assigned]
Drafts  (DuPlessis) 1000 words    [assigned]
Dream Songs (Berryman) 1,000 words    [assigned]
“The Fish” (Bishop) 500 words        [assigned]
“The Fish” (Moore)  500 words   [assigned]
Flow Chart (Ashbery) 1,000 words  [assigned]
“For the Union Dead” (Lowell, R.) 500 words   [assigned]
Four Quartets (Eliot) 500 words  [assigned]
Garbage (Ammons) 1,000 words  [assigned]
Gunslinger (Dorn) 1,000 words      [assigned]
Harlem Gallery  (Tolson) 1,000 words   [assigned]
Helen in Egypt (H.D.) 1,000 words   [assigned]
"Heritage" (Cullen)  500 words    [assigned]
Holocaust  (Reznikoff) 1,000 words     [assigned]
“Housewife”  (Sexton) 500 words   [assigned]
Howl  (Ginsberg) 1,000 words   [assigned]
“The Idea of Order at Key West” (Stevens) 500 words   [assigned]
I Don't Have Any Paper So Shut Up (Andrews) 500 words  [assigned]
“in Just-“ (Cummings)  500 words  [assigned]
“In Memory of My Feelings” (O'Hara) 500 words       [assigned]
“In the Waiting Room” (Bishop)  500 words      [assigned]
“The Jacob’s Ladder” (Levertov) 500 words  [assigned]
The Journals (Blackburn)  1000 words  [assigned]
Kaddish  (Ginsberg) 1,000 words    [assigned]
“Lady Lazarus” (Plath)  500 words    [assigned]
Loba (DiPrima) 1,000 words    [assigned]
“Love Calls Us to the Things of This World” (Wilbur)  500 words   [assigned]
“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” (Eliot) 500 words     [assigned]
Lunch Poems (O'Hara) 500 words         [assigned]
Maximum Security Ward (Guthrie) 500 words     [assigned]
The Maximus Poems  (Olson) 1,000 words  [assigned]
“Mending Wall” (Frost)  500 words  [assigned]
Mexico City Blues (Kerouac) 1,000 words  [assigned]
“Miniver Cheevy” (Robinson)  500 words   [assigned]
A Montage of a Dream Deferred    (Hughes) 1000 words   [assigned]
My Life by Water (Niedecker)  1000 words [assigned]
"My Papa's Waltz" (Roethke)  500 words    [assigned]
“The Negro Speaks of Rivers” (Hughes) 500 words      [assigned]
“Notes toward a Supreme Fiction”  (Stevens) 500 words  [assigned]
"Numbers, Letters" (Baraka)  500 words   [assigned]
"Of Being Numerous" (Oppen)  500 words  [assigned]
“O Taste and See” (Levertov) 500 words   [assigned]
“Ode to the Confederate Dead” (Tate, A.) 500 words  [assigned]
“The Pangolin” (Moore)  500 words [assigned]
Passages (Duncan) 500 words  [assigned]
Paterson  (Williams) 1,000 words     [assigned]
Pieces (Creeley)  1,000 words  [assigned]
“A Poem for Speculative Hipsters” (Baraka) 500 words   [assigned]
“Poetry”  (Moore) 500 words   [assigned]
The Presidents of the United States of America (Mac Low) 500 words   [assigned]
“The Pripet Marshes” (Feldman)  500 words [assigned]
“Psalm” (Oppen) 500 words    [assigned]
“The Purse Seine” (Jeffers) 500 words  [assigned]
“Riprap” (Snyder) 500 words     [assigned]
"The Road Not Taken" (Frost) 500 words [assigned]
Self-Portrait in a Convex Mirror (Ashbery) 1,000 words     [assigned]
“The Smile on the Face of a Kouros” (Bronk) 500 words   [assigned]
“Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law” (Rich)  500 words    [assigned]
“somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond” (Cummings) 500 words    [assigned]
The Sonnets (Berrigan) 500 words [assigned]
Spring and All (WC Williams) 500 words    [assigned]
“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” (Frost)  500 words  [assigned]
The Structure of Rime (Duncan) 500 words   [assigned]
Sun (Palmer) 500 words          [assigned]
“Sunday Morning” (Stevens)  500 words  [assigned]
The Tablets  (Schwerner) 1,000 words     [assigned]
“’Teach Us to Number Our Days’” (Dove)  500 words    [assigned]
“Teeth Mother Naked at Last” (Bly) 500 words     [assigned]
Tender Buttons (Stein) 500 words    [assigned]
“Those Winter Sundays”  (Hayden) 500 words [assigned]
“The Waking” (Roethke)  500 words   [assigned]
“The Waste Land” (Eliot) 1,000 words    [assigned]
“We Real Cool” (Brooks”) 500 words  [assigned]
“The Writer”  (Wilbur) 500 words   [assigned]


Abstract Expressionism  500 words  [assigned]

Ars Poeticas (Eliot’s “Tradition and the Individual Talent,” Zukofsky’s “An Objective,” Olson’s “Projective Verse, Bernstein’s Artifice of Absorption, etc.) 2000 words   [assigned]

Beat Poetry  2,000 words   [assigned]

Black Arts Movement  2,000 words    [assigned]

Black Mountain School  2,000 words [assigned]

Canadian Poetic Influences  2,000 words   [assigned]

Caribbean Poetic Influences  2,000 words        [assigned]

Confessional Poetry  2,000 words     [assigned]

Cyberpoetry 2,000 words  [assigned]

Deep Image Poetry 2,000 words   [assigned]

Ethnopoetics  1,000 words   [assigned]

European Poetic Influences  2,000 words     [assigned]

Female Voice, Female Language  2,000 words  [assigned]

Fugitive / Agrarian School  2,000 words    [assigned]

Harlem Renaissance  2,000 words   [assigned]

Imagist School  2,000 words  [assigned]

Language School  2,000 words  [assigned]

Long and Serial Poetry  2,000 words  [assigned]

The Lyric Poem  2,000 words   [assigned]

Modernism  2,000 words  [assigned]

Narrative Poetry  2,000 words     [assigned]

New Formalism 2,000 words   [assigned]

New York School  2,000 words [assigned]

Objectivist School  2,000 words   [assigned]

Poetry Anthologies (with respect to canon formation—e.g., The New American Poetry ed. by Donald Allen)  2,000 words                                                                         [assigned]

Poetry Institutions (with respect to canon formation, e.g., St. Mark’s Poetry Project, Naropa Institute, Poets House, National Poetry Foundation, Academy of American Poets, Electronic Poetry Center, National Poetry Foundation, The 92nd Street Y, Poetics Listserv, Poetry Society of America, Black Mountain College, Dodge Poetry Foundation)  2,000 words

Poetry Journals (with respect to creation of schools—everything from the early Poetry and The Dial and through Poetry New York, Origin, The Black Mountain Review, Prairie Schooner, The Southern Review, The World, L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E, Talisman, and beyond)  2,000 words

Poetry in Performance (slams, performance art, etc.)  2,000 words    [assigned]

Poetry Presses (with respect to canon formation) 1,000 words   [assigned]

Poetry Prizes (with respect to canon formation) 1,000 words    [assigned]

Poetry Translation 2,000 words   [assigned]

Prosody and Free Verse 2,000 words     [assigned]

San Francisco Renaissance  2,000 words     [assigned]

Surrealism  500 words  [assigned]

Visual Poetry  2,000 words  [assigned]

War and Anti-War Poetry  2,000 words      [assigned]

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