Documentation Guidelines

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Plagiarism: What It Is and How  To Recognize and Avoid It

Avoiding Plagiarism

NJIT Integrity Website (contains NJIT Honor Code and other documents)

What Is Plagiarism (from Rutgers Website)?

Citation Guides and Research Guides

NJIT Writing and Research Guides (from the Van Houten Library)

Research Strategies (Getting Started)

Search Path (How to Find and Evaluate Sources)

The Seven Steps of the Research Process (etc.)

NJIT Research Desk (How To)

What Is a Secondary Source (click here)?

Primary versus Secondary Sources:

Here is a video you can watch that may help:

If you would rather read a page of text, here is a definition from the Princeton website that may help:

Here is another one:

Here's another one:

MLA Documentation--click here (updated for 2008 changes, and other formats are covered here too)

Using MLA Format--click here (excellent sample entries for Works Cited page here--but keep in mind that the underlining should be italics instead, and other 2008 modifications are missing)

APA Documentation Guide

Style Guides Via NJIT's Integrity Website

Tutorial for Learning How to Document

Research and Documentation

Online Writing Lab

Acknowledging Your Sources (good for MLA Style)

The Writing Center

Sample Annotated Bibliography Entry (click here)

Guides for Creating an Annotated Bibliography:

Evaluating Internet Resources:

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