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Ancient Greece and Rome

General information

     Classics texts and resources
     Electronic resources for classicists
     Forum Romana
     Greek and Latin Classics (Internet Resources, from the Library of Congress)
     Greek Mythology Link
     Greek and Roman literature links
     Literature of ancient Europe
     The Online Medieval and Classical Library
     The Perseus Project
     Prof. Shaw's classics links
     Prof. Webb's mythology links
     Sources for Greek literature
     Voice of the Shuttle -- classics resources

What do we know about Homer?
What does a Homeric manuscript look like?  It looks like this or  this or  this.
Tales of Troy -- Homeric and other
Heinrich Schliemann
Links for the Iliad, Odyssey and Aeneid
The Iliad
     The text and notes
     The text
The Odyssey
     The text and notes
     Odyssey links
     A partial study guide for the Odyssey by Prof. Mitchell-Boyask
Odyssey Study Guides and Background Information
Iliad synopses:
Odyssey synopses:

The Trilogy -- Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonnus, Antigone
Crime in Antigone & and photo of the theatre at Epidauros
 An Oedipus study guide and links
 Oedipus -- the Loeb text
     Great Books Index -- texts and more


 Short biography
 Another biography
     Links to texts

     Short biography
     Links to texts

Socrates, Plato, & Aristotle

     Athens in Socrates' time
     The Last Days of Socrates -- at Clarke College
     Links for Socrates
     Plato -- a short biography
     Plato -- biography and links
     Texts by Plato in English translation
     Plato's dialogs
     Links to Plato's works on the web
     Biography of Gorgias the rhetor
     Another biography of Gorgias the rhetor
     Text of the Platonic dialog Gorgias
     An on-line, interactive Gorgias
     About Ion the rhapsode
     Text of Ion
     Philosophy Archives links to texts
     Links to many classical authors through the classical rhetorical pages
     Ancient Rhetoric Bookmarks
     More classical rhetoric links
     The sophists

    Complete works may be found  here.
     Aristotle on Homer
     Biography and links
     Biography and links supplied by another source
     Aristotle's role in the history of science

     The text
     The text
     A Virgil homepage
     Links for the Iliad, Odyssey and Aeneid
     About Virgil
     Aeneid Synopsis


     Short biography
     Short biography and links
     Links to texts and commentary
     Links to texts and commentary
     Augustine on-line resources
     Text of De doctrina christiana (On Christian Doctrine)
     Prof. O'Donnell's classical links

Western Middle Ages

What were the Middle Ages all about?
Anthology of Middle English Literature Articles and Essays
Books in the middle ages
Courtly Love
Courtly Love
The Camelot Project -- Arthurian literature
Fate and Free Will (entries in The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913)
The Aberdeen Bestiary
International Medieval Resources
Labyrinth -- resources in the study of the middle ages
Literary resources by Prof. Lynch
Medieval English Literature on the World Wide Web
Medieval Europe
The Medieval Page
Medieval Sourcebook

Medieval studies -- especially Chaucer
Medieval studies at U.C.Davis -- with links to many other places
Medieval studies at U. of Illinois
The Middle Ages, Chivalry, and Knighthood
Middle English Resource Page
Middle English texts at the University of Virginia
Middle Ground (Old and Middle English literature sources and commentary)
NetSerf - The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources
The Online Medieval and Classical Library
On-line medieval texts
ORB -- On-line Reference Book for medieval studies
The Robin Hood Project
The Plague in Europe (a.k.a. the "Black Death")
What Every Medievalist Should Know

Old English
     The Electronic Beowulf
     Resources in Old English (Lots of Links!)
     History of the English language and so very much more!  (links of all kinds)
     The Decameron Web -- The Decameron and so very much more!
     Boccaccio -- The Prolog to the Decameron
     Resources for Boccaccio and Chaucer
     Another Decameron text

 The New Chaucer Society links for Chaucer
 Chaucer MetaPage
 The Chaucer Yearbook
 Geoffrey Chaucer (ca. 1343-1400): Life, Works, Bibliography, Essays, etc.
 Harvard's Chaucer web site and links
 WSU Chaucer Page
 Medieval studies -- especially Chaucer
 Links for Chaucer studies
 Links for Chaucer and Boccaccio
 Prof. Moody's Chaucer pages
     Chaucerian links to texts and criticism
     The Canterbury Tales -- text
     A clickable map of Canterbury
     Troilus and Creseyde -- text
     The Book of the Duchess -- text
     The House of Fame -- text

Christine de Pizan
  Christine de Pizan
  (Other Medieval Women Writers)

 ORB pages for Dante
 The Ultimate Resource Guide to Dante Alighieri
 Renaissance translations of Dante and other sources
 Dante's clickable Inferno
 Links to Dante criticism
     Bilingual Inferno text
     The Dante Project -- text

Troubadour, Trouvére, Dolce Stil Nuovo, and Minnesinger Lyrics

    Courtly Lyrics from the European High Middle Ages
   Troubadour and Early Occitan Literature (contains lyrics in original and translation)
   Troubadour Lyrics (not translated)
   Troubadours (background, context, with links)
   Chants de Trouvéres (lyrics and music, not translated)
   The Medieval Lyric
   The Medieval Lyric (an anthology of texts)
   Troubadours, Trouvères and Minnesingers
   Yahoo Directory of Courtly Lyric

William Langland
  Piers Plowman (The William Langland Home Page - Primary & Secondary Sources)

Women Writers of the Middle Ages (to be indexed fully)
  Women Writers of the Middle Ages
  Medieval German Women Writers (bio’s and sources)
  Medieval Women (Writers and Others)

Modern World

Masters of English Renaissance Litertarature (click: here)

     The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
     The Folger Shakespeare Library
     Editions and adaptations of Shakespeare
     Links to many Shakespeare links
     "Mr. Shakespeare" Site Map
     Shakespeare texts and archives links
     Transvalued Shakepearean Sonnet
     Emory's Illustrated Shakespeare
     Shakespeare's Globe Theatre -- and its renovation
     On-Line theatre links, mostly Shakespeare, at UCSC

Andrew Marvell
     Biography and links to poems
     Biography and links to poems
     Text of "To His Coy Mistress"
     Links to other texts

Jonathan Swift
 A Swift home page with links to text and criticism
 A Swift page with biography and links to texts
 A short biography
 A slightly longer biogrqaphy
 Gulliver's Travels home page
 Text for Gulliver's Travels
 Text for Gulliver's Travels
 Text for A Modest Proposal

English Romantics

     A chronology
     Literary Resources
     Romantic Circles -- a resource page
     Keats-Shelley Journal -- homepage and resources

Robert Burns
     My luv is like a red, red rose

     Coleridge links at University of Virginia
     Kubla Khan
    And just for fun, what if Coleridge's cat could write...

Mary Shelley
    Resources for study and texts
    More resources for texts and criticism

Percy Bysshe Shelley
     Complete works

     Complete works
     Dove Cottage -- Wordsworth's home
     Photos of the Lake District
     Malaspina's links for Wordsworth

British Poetry 1780-1910
     Hypertext Archive (to be fully indexed)

Twentieth-Century Poetry

     Modern American Poetry
     Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
     Poetry Links from Burt Kimmelman's Homepage

     A T.S. Eliot page with links to texts and criticism
     T.S. Eliot, poetry and prose links
     T.S.Eliot on-line concordance and database

     Collected poetry
     Irish poetry and poets in general, with links for Yeats
     Text of "Adam's Curse" and  one student's analysis of "Adam's Curse"
     See also, for Yeats and Other Irish Writers: Irish Literature Resources

Twentieth-Century Fiction -- British and American

Aldous Huxley
     Soma Web -- a Huxley page with links and criticism
     Huxley links
     Reminiscences of a meeting with Huxley

Kurt Vonnegut
     KV Blogspot

George Orwell
     Orwell's World
     A short biography
     George Orwell Archive
     George Orwells' Political Writings

 Toni Morrison
      Anniina's Toni Morrison Page
      Toni Morrison (1931- )
      Voices from the Gaps
      The Toni Morrison Anchor
      Toni Morrison Links
      Biographical Information on Toni Morrison
      The Person and the Writer
      The Toni Morrison Page

  Louise Erdrich
      The Salon Interview
      Native American Authors Project
      Voices from the Gaps
      A Reader's Guide to the Novels
      About Louise Erdrich
      Gale's Celebrating Women's History Month
      Selected Research Sources
      Native American Authors - Teacher Resources

Twentieth-Century World Literature

 Vladimir Nabokov

 Chinua Achebe
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview I
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview II
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview III
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview IV
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview V
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview VI
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview VII
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview VIII
     Chinua Achebe: Biographies, Overview IX

     Narrative and Structure in Achebe’s Work
     Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
     Women in Achebe’s World
     Political and Social Contexts of Achebe’s Work

Ngugi Wa Thiong'o
     Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Biographies, Overview I
     Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Biographies, Overview II
     Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Biographies, Overview III
     Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Biographies, Overview IV
     Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Biographies, Overview V
     Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Biographies, Overview VI
     Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Biographies, Overview VII
     Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Biographies, Overview VIII

     Ngugi wa Thiong'o on the Language Question

Yukio Mishima
     Yukio Mishima 1925-1970
     Mishima Gallery
     Reviews of Some Works of Yukio Mishima
     The Mishima Yukio Cyber Museum
     Bookpoodah Looks at Mishima

Links to Electronic Texts and On-Line Literary Resources

 African Writers and Their Literature I
 African Writers and Their Literature II
 Africa's Emerging Literatures
 American Authors on the Web
 American Verse Project
 Ancient Rhetoric Bookmarks
 Athena French Texts - Great Books Online
 Books on-line -- a huge compendium (or try  here for the same texts grouped by subject)
 British Poetry 1780-1910

 The Camelot Project -- Arthurian literature
 Christian classics -- texts of the Church Fathers and other influential Christian writers
 Classical mythology, texts and more
 Classical rhetoric links
 Concordances for a great number of authors and/or texts
 CyberPoetry Links (scroll down)

 Electronic Labrynth
 Electronic Literature Directory
 Electronic resources for classicists
 The English Server at C.M.U.
 English Literature, Renaissance
 English Literature, Renaissance and Seventeenth-Century

 Greek literature
 Greek and Roman literature links
 Glossary of Rhetorical Terms

 A Handbook for Discussing Poetry
 Holocaust Literature

 The Internet Classics Archives
 Irish Literature Resources
 Irish Poets and Poetry (link is down as of July 21, '99)

 Japanese Authors
 Japanese Literature

 Labyrinth -- Medieval Sources
 Literary Analysis
 Literary Locales
 Literary Resources on the Net (searchable)
 Literary Works (a large number of literary editions in electronic format - at the University of Virginia)

 Malaspina Great Books Pages
 McMurry Human Knowledge Resources
 Medieval Sourcebook
 Medieval studies -- especially Chaucer
 Medieval studies at U.C.Davis & other places
 Modern American Poetry
 Modern and Contemporary American Poetry
 Modern Literary Theory (an Introduction)

 The New York State LitTree
 Novel Guide

 On-line Literary Criticism Collection
 The Online Medieval and Classical Library
 On-line medieval texts

 The Perseus Project
 Philosophy Archives -- mostly classical texts
 The Poem Tree
 Poetry Links (A Great Many Useful Links!)
 Prof. Lynch's literary resources
 Project Bartleby Archive
 Prose and Verse Criticism of Poetry

 Rhetorical Links
 The Robin Hood Project

 Time Lines of English Literature

 The Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
 University of Virginia Middle English Texts

 Victorian Web
 Voice of the Shuttle

 Word Circuits
 Women Writers of the Middle Ages (also, see above under this heading in red)
 Women's Roles in the Middle Ages

 Yamada language pages


S.C. Williams Library
Library of Congress
Michigan Electronic Libraries
New York Public Library Catalogs
Links to internationally famous research libraries
Bibliothèque Nationale de France
Internet Public Library


Meriam-Webster Dictionary
Assorted other dictionaries
           A collection of links to dictionaries in various languages
           A collection of links to technical dictionaries in various languages
           A collection of links to dictionaries in various languages
           On-line glossaries and electronic dictionaries
           Freeware dictionary program

 Other tools

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Refdesk: The Single Best Source for Facts on the Net

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Documentation Guidelines

Contemporary Poetry Links (includes New York City and New Jersey Poetry Calendars)

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