In my very own website, you'll be glad to find only the finest things in life. Okay, well maybe not but this is something that i can definitely use for my very own benefit. Enjoy!

My name is Kevin Rodriguez, and I am a freshman student here at NJIT.I am currently studying in the field of Information Technology. Im originally from Newark, NJ. I am currently employed in retail and its a really beneficial way to earn money to get by as a college student. If its one thing I need in college more than education, it's food! And thats perhaps the only reason why I earn money besides transportation of course. When it comes to sports, I just absolutely love playing basketball.

Personally, I feel as if this is the best sport ever and a lot of my time is spent on the NBA website that can be located right below ↓

This is the link to the NBA page. Go ahead! Take a look

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On the left you will find two finest basketball players to ever play the game! On the left is former NBA champion and all star player Rajon Rondo. On the right is the next biggest thing to never happen, myself!