Khari's Web Page

My name is Khari. I am a student at the New Jersey Insitute of Technology. My major is Information Technology. I'm originally from Milltown New Jersey and I graduated from Spotswood Highschool. In highschool I played football for 3 years that was basically the highlight of my highschool career. I have always been facinated with computers and how they works so I thought why not persue a career involving them. More often then not there's always someone asking for technical help.

This web page was created to practice my skills in web design and to possibly showcase my assignments. I could also use this as a professional website for career connections and such. I will expand upon this webpage if the need for it arises. I have provided links to which might be useful.

Here's a link to SymboLab, a great source for help with math homework!

The link to my second CSS webpage.

Here's a cool picture of an astronaut.


The worst webpage that I found was Rudgwick Steam & CO webpage.

Here's 10 reasons why the Rudgwick Steam & CO webpage is terrible.