Lou Kondic

Distinguished Professor of Applied Mathematics

Contact: kondic@njit.edu

Publications Vitae (full, pdf) Vitae (short, html)

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Research Interests:

Modeling and computations in the fields of Fluid Mechanics and Soft Matter

Ongoing projects: See Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Group


Advanced projects for undergraduate students in Capstone Laboratory
Academic Year 2023/2024: Math 450H/451H

List of available PhD Projects:

From macro to micro and back: How material microstructure influences macro-scale behavior in avalanching systems

Instabilities on nanoscale: Breakup and phase separation of multicomponent films

Honors and Awards:

Excellence in Research Prize and Medal (NJIT) (2020)

Fellow of the American Physical Society (2017)
Leloir Award for International Cooperation (2017)
Fulbright Scholar (2005)

PASI's Organized:

Pan-American Study Institute on Frontiers in Particulate Media:
From Theory to Applications
(NSF/DOE sponsored)
La Plata, Argentina, August 11 - 22, 2014

Pan-American Study Institute on Interfacial Fluid Dynamics:
From Theory to Applications
(NSF/DOE sponsored)
Mar del Plata, Argentina, 6-17 August 2007