Lou Kondic

Distinguished Professor of Applied Mathematics
Director of the Center for
Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Contact: kondic@njit.edu

Publications Vitae

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Research Interests:

Modeling and computations in the fields of Fluid Mechanics and Soft Matter

Ongoing projects: See Complex Fluids and Soft Matter Group


Advanced projects for undergraduate students in Capstone Laboratory:
Academic Year 2019/2020: Sabbatical Leave

List of available PhD Projects:

From macro to micro and back: How material microstructure
influences macro-scale behavior in avalanching systems

Breakup and phase separation of multicomponent films

Honors and Awards:

Fellow of the American Physical Society (2017)
Leloir Award for International Cooperation (2017)
Excellence in Research Award by the College of Science and Liberal Arts (2013)
Fulbright Scholar (2005)

PASI's Organized:

Pan-American Study Institute on Frontiers in Particulate Media:
From Theory to Applications
(NSF/DOE sponsored)
La Plata, Argentina, August 11 - 22, 2014

Pan-American Study Institute on Interfacial Fluid Dynamics:
From Theory to Applications
(NSF/DOE sponsored)
Mar del Plata, Argentina, 6-17 August 2007