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NJIT Applied Mathematics Colloquium - Fall 2010

Colloquia are held on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. in Cullimore Lecture Hall II, unless noted otherwise. Refreshments are served at 11:30 am. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Linda Cummings.

Date Speaker and Title Host
September 3 Amit Bose, NJIT
Relating dynamics to structure on random graphs
Linda Cummings
September 10 Wah-Keat Lee, Argonne National Laboratory
X-ray imaging of complex dynamics at the Advanced Photon Source: Ferrofluids, bugs and sprays
Shahriar Afkhami
September 17 Jeff Morris, Levich Institute, City College New York
Inertia in suspension dynamics
Lou Kondic
September 24 John White, Utah
Mechanisms and consequences of coherent activity
Horacio Rotstein
October 1 Shelley Anna, Carnegie Mellon
Competing Timescales for Surfactant Transport and Flow at Microscale Fluid-Fluid Interfaces
Mike Siegel
October 8 Charles Peskin, Courant Institute, NYU
A look-ahead model for the transcriptional dynamics of RNA polymerase
Linda Cummings
October 15 Qiang Du, Penn State
Diffuse Interface Modeling of Some Interface Problems
Linda Cummings
October 22 Thomas Hagstrom, Southern Methodist University
Towards the ultimate solver for wave equations in the time domain
Peter Petropoulos
October 29 Kosuke Imai, Princeton (Department of Politics)
Statistical Analysis of List Experiments
Sunil Dhar
November 5 Pengtao Yue, Virginia Tech
Diffuse interface simulations of moving contact lines
Shahriar Afkhami
November 12 Chun Liu, Penn State
Energetic Variational Approaches in the Modeling of Ionic Solutions and Ion Channels
Yuan Young
November 19 Andrew Hicks, Drexel University
Linda Cummings
December 3 Leslie Greengard, Courant Institute, NYU
A New Formalism for Electromagnetic Scattering in Complex Geometry
Mike Siegel

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