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NJIT Applied Mathematics Colloquium - Spring 2011

Colloquia are held on Fridays at 11:30 a.m. in Cullimore Lecture Hall II, unless noted otherwise. Refreshments are served at 11:30 am. For questions about the seminar schedule, please contact Linda Cummings.

Date Speaker and Title Host
January 21 Qiang Zhang, City University of Hong Kong (visiting Robert Miura at NJIT)
A brief review of mathematical finance and its recent developments
Robert Miura
January 28 Bob Eisenberg, Rush University Medical Center
Ions in Channels
Yuan Young
February 4 Stanislaw Jarecki, UC Irvine
Efficient Protocols for Private Information Sharing
Linda Cummings
February 11 Guillaume Bal, Columbia
Inverse elliptic problems with internal controls and applications to Hybrid Imaging
Lou Kondic
February 18 Don Schwendeman, RPI
Mathematical models and adaptive numerical methods for high-speed reactive flow
Linda Cummings
February 25 Ethan Akin, CCNY
Good measures on Cantor space
Linda Cummings
March 4 Marc Garbey, University of Houston
An example of computational surgery: multi-scale modeling of breast conservation therapy
Michael Booty
March 11 Jay Tang, Brown University
Swimming Bacteria Meet Applied Math and Physics at Fluid Boundary
Yuan Young
March 18 No seminar
Spring Break
March 25 Mike Schatz, Georgia Tech
Characterizing spatio-temporal complexity in fluid flow using computational homology
Yuan Young
April 1 Linda Smolka, Bucknell
Stability of a planar-extensional flow and an axisymmetric thin film flow
Linda Cummings
April 8 Alexander Nepomnyaschy, Technion, Israel
Front propagation in anomalous diffusion-reaction systems
Horacio Rotstein
April 15 Ronald Rosensweig
Fluid mechanical aspects of magnetic liquids
Shahriar Afkhami
April 22 No seminar
Good Friday
Linda Cummings
April 29 Carlos Chavez, Arizona State University
Epidemic Models for Influenza: from single outbreaks to recurrence
Amit Bose

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