CS 704 --- Sequencing and Scheduling


Instructor: Prof. Joseph Leung

Office: 4202 GITC

Office Hrs: M and W 12:00-1:00pm and 2:30-3:30pm

Phone: (973) 596-3387

Email: leung@njit.edu


Textbook: M.L. Pinedo, "Scheduling: Theory, Algorithms, and Systems, Third Edition, Springer, 2008.


Syllabus: Deterministic scheduling will be studied in great detail. Most of the materials can be found in the first eight chapters of the textbook. More details can be found in the "Weekly Listing of Course Topics" handout.


Grading: Two midterm exams, the first one at about the 6th or 7th week and the second one at about the 11th or 12th week. Each midterm exam counts 1/3 of the grade. A final exam will be held in the Final Exam Week and counts 1/3 of the grade. Homework will be given but not counted towards the final grade; they are for preparing exams.


NJIT Honor Code will be upheld. Any violations will be immediately brought to the attention of the Dean of Students.

Students will be consulted about any deviations or modifications from the syllabus throughout the course of the semester.