Create an Instagram feed with personalized links for each post.

LinkPage Guide

Step 1: To begin using LinkPage, visit the home page and click the Log In button.

Step 2: Log into your Instagram account securely and authorize LinkPage as an app.

Step 3: You will be sent to the User Panel. If your account has photos or is not private, you will see your recent posts here.

Step 4: Get to know your User Panel.
This is your public profile link. Right now there's nothing there, but copy and paste it to add to your Instagram profile, which we'll do in a later step.

This is the Log Out button for Link Page.

Step 5: Each of your recent Instagram posts will now have a text field to add a link. If you do not specify between HTTP or HTTPS, we will default to HTTP. All links will display on the User Panel and public profile exactly as you type them.

Step 6: Choose an image you would like to post to your LinkPage public profile, and submit.

From here, you may edit or delete your submitted post from your LinkPage public profile.

Step 7: When you submit, your post will now be on your public profile!

Step 8: If you edit or delete your link, it will also update instantly.

Step 9: Now do so for all of the Instagram posts you desire!

Step 10: Finally, paste your public profile link into your Instagram profile "link" section. Now anytime a post of yours requires an external link, you will have one link on your profile to feature them all. Refer to your LinkPage in image captions if you would like followers to visit a link.

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