Visual Project



Hausa bride and groomA Hausa wedding ceremony is called a fatiha and is typically hosted by the men in the family. In keeping with the culture of separating the sexes, the father and other men sit together, separate from the mother and the women.

This groom is dressed in a kaftan and the bride is wearing the Hausa version of a wedding dress.

See the bride's right hand? It is adorned with lali, a form of body art that enhances the bride's beauty just like modern day makeup. Unlike a tattoo, the lali is temporary and washes off after a while.















Hausa coupleI included this picture because it shows more of the beautiful embroidery on the top of the groom's kaftan.











Bride's friendsThis is where the party gets colorful and interesting!

These are the bride's friends. As you can see, they are all in outfits of the same color and fabric design. This is called the aso-ebi and used to be a predominantly Yoruba practice which has now been adopted by other cultures.

The norm is for the bride to choose a color palette (in this case blue and gold) and fabric. Her friends will each purchase a certain quantity and have these sewn in different styles as can be seen in this picture.

You will also notice that the bride's friend on the far left has the decorative lali on her right hand also.



All photograohy credit to XSIGHTN Photography