A Bit About Me

I'm Myles Alcala. My interests include piano, computers, computer games, films, film making, music and music making. I really love music. I recently released a joke album for fun but I realized how fun music making can be. In high school I took for granted my media arts program which included digital audio and music production. I made some great songs there but I know I could do so much better now! My favorite type of music is either pop-punk or post-rock. I'm a classically trained pianist too, but I probably can't read as well as the really good pianists. Favorite composers are Chopin and Rachmaninov. That's enough about music.

I'm a pretty relaxed guy and I try to not be boring. I love creating things and exercising my creative ability. I write songs and poetry sometimes, and draw and doodle a lot. I'm planning on applying my creativity to an IT field like in gaming or human interaction or some sort of designing field or something.