NJIT Connections Lab

Role: UX Designer & Design Team Coordinator

As a member of the NJIT Connections Lab, I have been able to gain knowledge in User Experience Design and Research, an area that I loved from the second I encountered it. In my short but productive time in the lab, I have been able to explore different UX methodologies for the creation of a collaborative life-logging system for atheltic activities. Among these practices are interviewing, ethnographic research, data analysis, personas, empathy and journey mapping, storyboarding, usability testing, and prototyping. An example of these practices at work is ClubHub, an app created with three other lab members using the Google Sprint methodology.

During this semester, I was given the role of Design Team Coordinator, for a group of 6 people, which has allowed me to get hands on experience on a variety of UX design projects. Among these projects are the creation of a design system to establish consistency in our future projects within the lab as well as redesign our current website; both projects managed by me. For the latter, I have also been involved in the research process by writing out interview guides, interviewing stakeholders, and analyzing data.