The MATLAB scripts posted below reproduce any of the activity states shown in Fig. 1 of the manuscript:

Myongkeun Oh and Victor Matveev (2009)
Loss of phase-locking in non-weakly coupled inhibitory networks of type-I model neurons
Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 26(2): 303-320. [ DOI ]

Place all files in the same directory before running the main simulation script LeapFrogMovie.m

 LeapFrogMovie.m This m-script illustrates the geometry of the alternating-order (leap-frog / leader switching) spiking shown in Figure 1. By changing the parameter variable Params, any of the activity states in Figure 1 can be reproduced

 MLode.m This ODE m-file implements the model equations (Eqs. 1-3).

 Vnullcline.m Calculates the V-nullcline; used by the main LeapFrogMovie script above.

Supported in part by the National Science Foundation grants DMS 0417416 and DMS 0817703 to Victor Matveev

Victor Matveev
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