The scripts following below reproduce the simulation results presented in the manuscript:

Myongkeun Oh and Victor V. Matveev (2011)
Non-weak inhibition and phase resetting at negative values of phase in cells with fast-slow dynamics at hyperpolarized potentials.
Journal of Computational Neuroscience, 31(1): 31-42. [ Full Text ]

It is best to download and place all these scripts in the same directory. Program TsynPRC.m has to be executed to generate the PRC for the desired values of synaptic conductance and synaptic time constant:

 getMinMaxP4.m This MATLAB m-file accurately extracts time-trace maxima using 4-th order polynomial interpolation.

 TsynPRC.m This MATLAB m-file generates PRCs used by scripts below, and saves it to a .mat file.

 Fig4_STRC.m Generates Figure 4 using PRC files produced by script TsynPRC.m above.

 Fig5_threePulse.m Generates Figure 5 using PRC files produced by script TsynPRC.m above.

 threePulsePredict.m This MATLAB m-file predicts the combined phase delay produced by three spikes, and is used by the scipt below

 Fig6_ThreePulseVarGsyn.m Reproduces Figure 6 of the manuscript

 Fig7_three_ML_all_to_all.m Generates Figure 7 using PRC files produced by script TsynPRC.m above.

 threePulseQIF.m Generate Figure 2: three-pulse response of a quadratic I&F neuron

 PRC_DV5.mat PRC of quadratic I&F neuron for ΔV=5 (used by program Fig4_PRC.m)

 arrow.m Arrow-drawing program by Dr. Erik A. Johnson (USC)

Supported in part by the National Science Foundation grant DMS 0817703 to Victor Matveev

Victor Matveev
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