Math-401 and Summer 2010 Assignments
Mar 15 vary.m Learn to use loop and conditional statements: solutions of differential equation y'=t-y
Apr 1 twoD.m Two dimensional flows and plots of vector fields: solution of a linear system with unstable focus at the origin
Apr 16 FN_Hopf.m Matlab code for the Fitzhugh-Nagumo model, showing the solution with initial condition close to the fixed point, as the applied current I is varied. Subthreshold Hopf bifurcation arises as the fixed point loses stability and gives way to periodic spiking solution.
May 3 HH.m Matlab code for the Hodgkin-Huxley model, showing the time course of a single action potential
June 1 spring4.m Matlab function defining ODE system for 4 masses connected with springs
movie4.m See a movie of four vibrating masses connected with springs
June 9 Nsprings.m Matlab function defining ODE system for N masses connected with springs
springMovie.m See a movie of N vibrating masses connected with springs
June 10 ML_Hopf.m Plot of the main variables fo the Morris-Lecar model as the applied current parameter is varied
ML.m This program shows the phase-plane dynamics of the Morris-Lecar model along with the time-dependence of the solution
June 12 ant.m Monte-Carlo simulation of chemotactic insect movement across a finite field with a source patch of attractant
June 15 tristab.m This program shows that the Morris-Lecar model can exhibit tristability with two stable fixed points and a stable limit cycle
July 12 rossler.m Rossler system as the minimal model of chaos: stretch, bend, squeeze, repeat.

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