Pro✚ect NJ

A student organization focusing on creating masks and faceshields for organizations in need.

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About Us

#ProtectNJ is an initiative to serve and protect some of the most vulnerable populations in NJ from the effects of the current pandemic. As our country slowly reopens, it is paramount that everyone is protected regardless of their background. As FDA-approved PPE supply chains are re-strengthened and can support medical staff, we foresee that the remaining local workforce, along with already underserved populations, may not get the same access.

Although our organization initially focused on supplying PPE to hospitals, we now perceive a need in amongst other frontline workers that may have been underprotected, from EMS to police officers to soup kitchen staff! Furthermore, we foresee challenges in safely reopening schools, especially those in urban areas, due to the PPE shortage.

For these reasons, we believe that PPE production and distribution to these populations, along with dedicated instruction to general public in the form of virtual content, will play a role in slowing the spread of COVID19 in these populations and shed light on their needs for future preparedness.

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How to Help

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