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Volunteer with us if You....

  • Have a sewing machine
  • Have at least 30 minutes a week of free time
  • Can drive to Newark, NJ on a weekly basis
  • Have read our mission and find reward in helping vulnerable communities thrive
  • Why volunteer with ProtectNJ?

  • We vouch for you and your professional success...always! We're talking about guaranteed, professional proof-of-service letters to fulfill your community service requirements and letters of recommendation for school and work.
    • By joining us as a volunteer, you'll gain access to a #careerdevelopment channel in Slack, where you can seek the expertise of other ProtectNJ members in their fields.
    • You'll also gain access to our LinkedIn group, where you'll connect with ProtectNJ volunteers and leadership across NJ!
  • We provide raw materials for and deliver ProtectNJ face masks to communities in need. In other words, you don't have to worry about buying materials or figuring out where to donate— we've got it covered!
  • What Support will you get as a new Volunteer?

  • Our volunteers undergo a formal on-boarding and short training process to transition seamlessly into creating quality face masks.
  • During the onboarding process you'll meet our Director of Operations (DO), Laura Gould, understand logistics of obtaining materials, where to drop off masks, and get oriented for mask creation training.
  • During the training you'll learn about:
    • ProtectNJ's mission
    • Current project initiatives
    • Sewing Basics
    • ProtectNJ Face Mask Creation Tutorial
  • You'll be added to our slack channel, where you can ask the DO any questions about mask creation/logistics!
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