Centrifugal Modeling of Contaminant Transport

At University of California, Davis, a research team that included Dr. Meegoda initiated the first ever use of centrifuge to model the contaminant transport. The publication generated from that research has become a basic reference for subsequent research. At NJIT the above work was extended to simulate soil contaminated by leaking underground storage tanks. The results from this research enabled one to find out the extent and degree of contamination. This research on movement of gasoline type contaminants through partially saturated soils, will be useful to the regulators to establish tolerance limits. Recently, in collaboration with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Dr. Meegoda obtained research funds to extend the centrifugal research at NJIT to include the evaluation of the effectiveness of corrective actions such as pump and treat and also to determine when to terminate corrective actions.


Funding: Research Grant Council of Hong Kong, "Investigation of Subsurface Contamination and Effectiveness of Remediation Technologies Using Geotechnical Centrifuge Techniques," January 2000- December 2001, HK $531,000 (US$68,960), PIs: I. M. C. Lo and J. N. Meegoda


Publications: "A New Method to Model Transport and Fate of Gasoline from Leaking Underground Storage Tanks," Proceedings of the 21st. Mid-Atlantic Industrial Waste Conference, Harrisburg, PA, June 25-27, 1989, pp. 582-595, Co-authors: Gunasekera, S., and Hyjack, R.

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Students: George K. Chang (MS), Hyjack, R (BS)