Geotechnical Testing Laboratory

314 Colton Hall, Lab phone # (973)-596-5585

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)

Lab Director: Dr. Jay N. Meegoda

Phone: (973) 596 2464, Fax: (973)-596-5790

Centrifugal Testing Laboratory

The centrifuge at the New Jersey Institute of Technology is a 5-g ton machine. It is equipped with 16 slip rings and two hydraulic glands. It can reach a maximum speed of 450 rpm. The radius of the centrifuge is 0.65m. The arms of the centrifuge are connected to swing up buckets of internal dimensions 32.0cm*25.4cm*20.3cm.A video camera and a preamplifier were mounted inside the centrifuge. A 16- bit high-speed data acquisition card in a PC was used to acquire the data from the centrifuge.

Soil Testing Laboratory

Grain Size Analysis (ASTM D-422)

Hydrometer Analysis (ASTM D-422)

Atterberg Limit (ASTM D-4318)

Soil Classification (ASTM D-2487)

Compaction (ASTM D-698 and D-1557)

Hydraulic Conductivity Test (ASTM D-2434)

Consolidation (ASTM D-2435)

Direct Shear Test (ASTM D-2166)

Unconfined Compression Test (ASTM D-3080)

Advanced Geotechnical Testing Lab.

Automated Tri-axial Testing

A fully automated Triaxial test set-up for monotonic and cyclic axial tension and compression.

  • Tri-axial Permeability

Flexi/Rigid wall permeameter test panels capable of running six independent permeability tests on toxic and hazardous substances.




Asphalt Testing Laboratory

  • Marshall Compactor 4" and 6"
  • Marshall Tester 4" and 6"
  • Freeze-thaw test
  • Wet-dry test