Ultrasound Research

Application of ultrasound energy to decontaminate contaminated soils and sediments was the technologically most innovative research that Dr. Meegoda has ever conducted. Through an USEPA research grant Dr. Meegoda studied the enhancement of the soil washing process to decontaminate coal tar contaminated soils by applying Ultrasound energy. He observed that there was a difficulty in regenerating the consumed surfactants. Therefore, he proposed to use vacuum to remove contaminants as soon as they were separated from soils due to the application of ultrasound energy. He extended that concept to dredged sediments and now he has funding from NSF to decontaminate dredged sediments. He is currently further enhancing the technology to separate and aggregate using the acoustic force generated by the application of ultrasound energy to a suspension.


Funding: National Science Foundation, "Ultrasound to Decontaminate Dredged Sediments" May 1997- May 2000, $118,365.00, Grant # CMS-9700318

US Environmental Protection Agency, "Ultrasonic Enhanced Soil Washing", $155,000.00, June 1994- December 1995, PI: J. N. Meegoda, Co-PI: W. D. Ho


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Students: Kanya Veerawat (MS), Ruvini Perera (MS), C. F. Wei (MS), D. M. Cohen (MS Project), Kamalavathany Rajaratnam (MS), Nazhat Aboobaker (Ph. D.), and Alejandra M. Zapata (High School and BS).