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Hello everybody! My name is Maria. I am currently a sophomore at NJIT. I am majoring in Information Technology (IT) with a specialization in management as well as minoring in computer science (CS). Upon graduating and receiving my bachelors degree I will continue to further my education and obtain my Masters. You know what they say "knowledge is power" and the only way to excel is by having an education.

I am more than just a studious individual. I enjoy taking a break from that and being able to enjoy other things. Watching TV is one of my ideal way of spending my free time. I'd rather catch up on shows such as Supernatural, Riverdale, Grey's anatomy, The Good Doctor, and Law&Order: SVU. I also like to eat...ALOT. Yes I am one of those people who complains about having to go to the gym but never goes. I'm bilingual, a fluent speaker of English(obviously) and Spanish. Ow you'll love this one weird thing I do. I have the app Duo lingo which is an application in which you learn to speak different languages. Okay so I find this funny, I go on it no not learn a new language but to lean Spanish keep in mind that is my native language so its ridiculous that I do that. Well as you can see I am a common girl who as her priorities straight.

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