Research Featured In Media:




Large Scale Assembly and Chromatography on Carbon Nanotubes:


  1. Royal Society of Chemistry feature on Chromatography on carbon nanotubes
  2. Chemical Technology, published by Royal Society of Chemistry,
  3. Feature on growing nanotubes in large structures:  

Science Daily:


Water Soluble Carbon Nanotubes:



  1. Chemical and Engineering News, April 2006 reports paper presented at ACS meeting in Atlanta, GA, 2006.
  2. Bulletin of Material Research Society, eMatrters, March 2005, discusses the development of  Soluble Carbon Nanotubes.
  3. Royal Society of Chemistry feature related to Soluble Carbon Nanotubes
  4. Other features on soluble nanotubes:
  5. National Cancer Institute feature on making nanotubes water-soluble, perhaps safer:
  6. Nanotech Wire:
  7. Other articles on the above topic:

  1. Television  (NJN) evening news featured soluble nanotubes as a new technology, February 2006.



Low Incineration Efficiency for low Concentration Hazardous Wastes:



  1. An article related to paper on low incineration efficiency at low concentration featured on the Newsletter of the Coalition of Responsible Waste Incineration: