Department of Mathematical Sciences and Center for Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Math Capstone Lab

The Laboratory serves multiple purposes, with the main focus on supporting the undergraduate capstone course. The course provides an opportunity for students to synthesize the knowledge gained during their undergraduate experience by combining mathematical modeling and theoretical analysis with computational analysis, and physical experiments. In addition, the Laborary facilities has been used for carrying out more advanced research projects by the Phd candidates in the DMS and by the postdoctoral associates and faculty in DMS and CAMS. These research projects have often been vertically integrated, and have led to research publications that have ether directly involved undergraduate students, or that have evolved from the projects involving undergrads. Some representative publications and listed below.


Kovalcinova, L., Goulet, A., Kondic, L., Scaling properties of force networks for compressed particulate systems, Phys. Rev. E, 93, 042903 (2016).

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Murisic, N, Kondic, L. On evaporation of sessile drops with moving contact lines, J. Fluid Mech., 679 219 (2011).

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