Michael Teixeira

I am an IT major and have been attending NJIT for about a year now. It is a great school with a great environment and campus, but I still am not sure if my future lies here. I am a dual citizen, of course in the USA and in Portugal. I am bilingual, speaking English and Portuguese fluently, with a few other languages under my belt that are not so fluent when spoken(I'll get there).

I am a huge Barcelona FC fan and recently(March 8th, 2017 to be exact)we triumphed over PSG with a whopping 6-5 score on aggregate, coming back from a 4-0 disadvantage to establish a record for the best comeback in the tournament. It was a very historic day for the club and the world of football as a whole. Therefore, I've taken it upon myself to let everyone know how proud I am to support the club.

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Here's a pretty picture of the Camp Nou


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