Mohammed Zakaria

My name is Mohammed Zakaria and I am from Paterson, New Jersey. I was born and raised up in Bangladesh. I moved to this country in 2006 and stayed here till 2008. Then I was sent back to Bangladesh and came back again here after four years (2012). So it was kind of back and forth experience for me. I got admitted to a high school here and started off from junior year. Thus, within two years I was capable to build a good academic career which resulted in the admission to NJIT. IT is my area of study and I am also planning to minor in applied mathmetics. Don't know why! But math is something that I always have a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement. I didn't have a lot concern in that career path until I took a summer course at Ramapo College consisting of a programming language (C++). It was really an exciting course and my desire for programming started from there. Therefore, I am really glad to be here at NJIT and hopefully can build an excellent academic career from here as well.

When I was studying in my country, my teacher asked me a valid and one of the most important question that I have ever come across. "How should you be remembered after you die?". From that day I still live with this question. How shall I be remembered after the death? What legacy shall I leave behind? What is my vision, what is my mission, what is my goal in this life? And still today these questions inspire me to move forward with my journey of life.

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