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Micro and Nano Mechanics Laboratory
Newark College of Engineering
Welcome to Prof. Nadimpalli's Micro and Nano Mechanics Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. The main goal of our lab is to provide fundamental understanding of the mechanics of deformation, fracture, degradation, and failure of materials using a combined experimental and modeling approach.

The current focus of our lab is to understand the role of mechanics in the degradation of lithium-ion batteries
to enable durable and light weight battery designs. Please visit the research, publications, and facilities page to find more about our unique capabilities and our research activities. Education page has some information about our educational and outreach activities.

TEM image of composite electrodeFracture of nextgeneration lithium-ion battery electrode
(a) and (b) show lithiated Si particles held by PVdF polymer in a composite lithium-ion electrode. (c) is an image of nano scale Si film after 40 charge/discharge cycles showing extensive degradation.

Brief News

27 August, 2018
Igor Bezsonov (PhD student) joined our group. Welcome to our group Igor!

July 24-27, 2018
Dr. Nadimpalli has delivered an invited lecture on mechanics of battery materials at IIT Madras and  an invited talk on "fracture behavior of 3D printed thermoplastics" at the second Structural Integrity Conference and Exhibition at Hyderabad, India 

July, 2018
Pat's paper on solder fracture has been published in Engineering Fracture Mechanics, Raj's paper on Li transport has been published in the Journal of Electrochemical Society,  Congratulations to Pat, Rich, Raj and Subhajit!

January 11, 2018
Subhajit's paper was accepted for publication in the journal of Experimental Mechanics, Congratulations Subhajit!!

November, 2017
Raj has defended his PhD thesis successfuly and joined Harvard Medical School as postdoctoral associate, Congratulations Raj!!

April 27, 2017
ONR logo We have recieved funding from ONR to investigate degradation mechanisms of battery electrodes. Congratulations to the team once again!!

March 1, 2017
NSF logo Prof. Nadimpalli received the prestigious NSF CAREER award from Mechanics of Materials and Structures Program. The details can be found here. Congratulations to the whole team for this recognition!!

May 17, 2016
Patrick Thompson defended his masters thesis, congratulations Pat!

MNM Lab, Prof. Siva Nadimpalli, Office: 973 596 3678, Lab: 973 596 5667, Email: nadimpal@njit.edu
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Updated on 28 August 2018.