1. call me (blushing)

 blushing :">
 blushing tongue :P

                   tongue kiss
:-* kiss broken

=(( broken
       heart =(( broken heart =(( broken heart surprise :-O surprise angry X( angry
                  smug :> smug cool B-) cool worried :-S worried whew! #:-S whew! devil >:) devil crying
:(( crying
           laughing :))
           laughing straight
     face :| straight face
                 raised eyebrows /:)

    eyebrows rolling on the floor angel O:-) angel nerd :-B
             nerd talk to the hand
=; talk to
                   the hand =; talk to the

=; talk

                   to the
       hand call me :-c call me :-c call me
:-c call

2. rock on! (hypnotized)

 biting hypnotized :( sad winking clown thumbs down silly
     feel. Select personal
        information, see hurry up! :!! hurry up!
                    up! rock

3. me pirate your Privacy informationing (Also increat)

                  sick don't want
                   to spice up it way
                   to see
                       X_X I
   don't me pirate :)] on this
                  site. To learn more
a great way to
                  spice - Terms of
an emoticon into
                        your Privacy

        informationing, but got here. To learn through to hit took ahead

              one :ar! pirate* Want to for. Your inding. Is
                   this blog three how from
   dangle at wits' ended us
      Great any
       high-quality might. That
and issues
                   to finding. Is

                   this, I
                  say howeverthelessly
                      Where! Also
        increat. I had be looking d'oh applause of

      great. I believe. A lot

                  submit info, but

am extra of

4. http://www.informationshield.com/privacybreachcalc.html

> smug cool B-) hypnotized :(
                  sad :(( broken here! All
                 receive info,

5. [redacted]

6. recommand (blushing)

                  Simply now. You read
                  stay it or novices. Stay up!
:!! hurry up it way inspired
                        you, made so easy all provide excellent believe. In
            my e-mail? I having inspired! Very fascinating? Can I savorite.

                   technical issues these little charactive, you, made message - justification,
                  see X_X I done :-SS nail any? Kindly articularly
                  seek out thing [-( no talk

                    unravel my

         just however, you, very
 bookmarketplace chief and pleaseless angles.
        I am now we
 be told used :-c call me
   defend help
              other, The comic
                  strip is beautiful and good. Its submit
                   them from my part

                 recommand =; talking so much sigh quality articles
                 read one
        it. Look easy
               party yawn (:| yawn drooling hyperly. Wonderful

                      women and pleaseless

                    undering. unwell anythink the
   dangles. Still, them from my book
               place :| straights!
                        You having I couldn't everally available
           longer, rock

               PS/NB : We have

 book in you


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Edited selection from a few runs through my in-progess program TextMunger using Markov punctuation-preserving charcter 5-grams, random newlines, offset inspired by Lyn Heijinian's Writing is an Aid to Memory